Primitive skills instructor Sarah Corrigan teaches how to make your own bow drill kit, make a coal, troubleshoot and more!

Our Online Masterclass with Sarah includes individual chapters on:
– Intro to bow drill kits
– Spindles
– Carving the spindle
– Fireboards
– Carving the fireboard
– Handholds
– Strings
– The bow
– Knots
– Intro to building a conical fire
– Gathering firewood
– Building the conical fire
– Lighting the fire
– Tinder
– Preparing the sockets
– Carving the notch
– Lighting the coal and igniting the tinder
– Troubleshooting spindles
– Troubleshooting fireboards
– Troubleshooting handholds
– Troubleshooting technique
– Troubleshooting the coal And more!

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