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Member’s Fishing Trip in Papua New Guinea

After an extremely exciting expedition in Guyana this year, I’ve decided to take on yet another adventure… this time to Papua New Guinea. This is a trip of I have not been on before, so we’ll be experiencing it for the first time together. Lead by trusted Australian Captain Luke Wyrsta from Rock Expeditions, we’ll be among the first to set foot in fisheries that have never been fished. I’ll include the details from Luke below, but need to make a quick personal note: these exploratory trips are no joke. They are dangerous, exciting, unpredictable, and often require a ton of hard work. Physical fitness is important, as is an understanding of potential dangers in such remote areas. For more details, please email me at [email protected] or sign up right away here.


We’ve allowed for six spots at $6000 USD per angler, and the dates are August 10th to 19th, 2025. We will be fishing for Papua New Guinea Black Bass and Barramundi. The expedition will focus on the upper Pahotouri:


2025 SCHEDULE ANNOUNCEMENT From Rock Expeditions

We are pleased to release the following schedule for PNG Black Bass Camp Expeditions for the 2025 season.

Rock Expeditions will be offering expeditions in 10 day “wild camp format” targeting the famed Papuan Black Bass & Barramundi by lure and fly. Expeditions will be staged from Daru, from the brackish estuaries to the blackwater reaches of the eastern Tonda, extending beyond the Tonda to rivers, creeks & swamps of the southern Fly coast, West of Daru.

Expedition angling with the resource owners of Western Province Frontiers of Papua New Guinea – focusing on the famed Papuan Black Bass. You will fish on-location, amongst virgin savannah and jungle waterways. You will live and breathe amongst local PNG brothers and sisters under the expertise and guardianship of ROCK EXPEDITIONS staff, in situ at one of the wildest environments left on this planet. You will live by the frontier and contend with worldly issues with only a few modern conveniences. Rock Expeditions goal is to fish new, unpressured waters focusing on Papuan Black Bass.
These expeditions are suited to adventurous anglers that are seeking new and wild experiences in the exploration for new Papua Black Bass angling. The outcome is unknown as the campaign is explicitly “remote exploration”.

    • All quoted expedition costs are strictly ex. Daru Island, Papua New Guinea.
    • Information below will assist you to structure your own logistics / flight itinerary.
    • Solo anglers are welcome – you will be allocated on a 2-share vessel.





    • Indicative Region Only: Brackish to Blackwater reaches of the eastern Tonda, extending beyond the Tonda to rivers, creeks & swamps of the southern Fly coast, West of Daru.
    • https://maps.app.goo.gl/CFkBDDPieBy9xGC5A



    • 10 Day Expedition ex. Daru Island Airport – up to 8 angling days on location.
    • Expedition Capacity: up to 8 anglers maximum on a 2-share basis (2 anglers per 23ft vessel).
        • $6000 USD per angler
        • 20% Deposit required with enrolment form to secure your slot.
        • Balance of funds to be settled 90 days before your expedition start date.



  • Arrive to Port Moresby at least 1-2 days prior to your selected expedition start date.
  • Daru domestic flights are usually in the morning, meaning that international connections will not occur on the same day.
  • You may be required to overnight in POM – Contact us for hotel and transfer recommendations.
  • Commercial Flight Typical Schedules:
      • WED – SUN = AM Daru Flights ex. POM.
      • MON – TUE = PM Daru Flights ex. POM.




  • DAY 1: Arrive to Daru on the start date (or preferrably and recommended: 1 full day prior to expedition) of your expedition (commercial flight – typically AM
    • This is a logistics day to transfer long distance by vessel to the remote expedition grounds.
    • Late arrivals will require lodging in Daru (included) for next day departure early AM).
  • DAY 1/2: Orientation, site-familiarity and welcoming, angling to commence.
  • DAY 3 – DAY 9: Expedition Angling, may involve camp location change to pursue conditions or variety or to situate for timely departure to Daru.
  • DAY 10 – Morning: Transfer by logistics vessel to Daru Island Airport. This may also be scheduled after fishing activities on Day 9 due to distance.
      • Late AM or PM departure* to POM on your commercial flight booking.



    • Wild camp/bush accommodation
    • All meals and snacks, bottled water and soft drinks (soda)
    • Transfers from Daru domestic airport to the fishing base camp
    • Fishing on 23ft vessel (2 angler per vessel) with captain/deckhand
    • For late arrival flights or inclement weather – Rock Expeditions will provide lodging in Daru for next day departure. Itinerary will be at Rock’s discretion based on local conditions.



    • All flights, entry permits, alcohol, insurances (travel & medical), layover/cancellation expenses and tips/gratuities
    • Fishing tackle & consumables




    • Bush accommodation is provided in an effort to assimilate with the wild environment and community sentiments.
    • Bush accommodation may be a combination of local houses and outposts setup in a camp format.
    • Your accommodation will be shared amongst other anglers. There will be small areas for changing & modesty.
    • You will have a camp-style bed stretcher, blanket, pillow and insect netting provided for you.
    • You will have daily access to freshwater camp shower and basic washing facilities.
    • You will have daily access to a bush style toilet.
    • You will have daily charging for your electronic devices (typically evening after fishing). The power is 240V AC 3-PIN Australia/NZ.
    • You will have laundry/cleaning available to you – every other day.
    • You will have cold beverages via our on-site fridge and daily in your vessel cooler.
    • You will be served daily breakfast, lunch (on-water or at make-shift camp) and dinner.
    • You will have bottled water, soft drinks (soda) and snacks available to you at any time.
    • Beer and alcohol can be arranged on request at additional cost.
    • Fair share etiquette is expected from all anglers attending the expedition.
    • Starlink will be available at camp (pending gov approval).



    • A basic, light breakfast and lunch will be prepared and provided to you on your vessel.
    • Your vessel will have the option to return to camp or remote picnic for break and lunch.
    • You will have a captain and deckhand.
    • Your vessel will be 23ft in length with lower deck and raised casting deck, 40hp 2-Stroke Engines.
    • Your vessel will have a modern depth sounder and side scan capabilities.
    • Your vessel is limited to 2 anglers, unless agreed otherwise.
    • Your vessel will be equipped with VHF two-way radio and Satellite Messenger/Tracker communications.



    • Medical and cancellation insurance is mandatory. A copy of your policy is to be submitted with your enrollment form.
    • All expedition fees are non-refundable.
    • Refer to our terms & conditions.



  • There are risks associated with entering Papua New Guinea – these may include (but are not limited to): malaria or other disease, severe weather, flight cancellation & delays, personal security and welfare.
  • Weather, cyclone, flood etc. can often be an uncontrollable variable for expedition cancellation that is not subject to credit/refund terms. We highly suggest full cover or “cancel for any reason” insurance to provide security and options for the attending angler.
*If you’d like to bring a friend, please note that they will need to become a member before we can reserve a space for them.
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Aug 10 - 19 2025


8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/Chicago
  • Date: Aug 10 - 19 2025
  • Time: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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