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Fly Fishing Deals

Launching August 1st!

We’ve worked tirelessly all year in anticipation of what we’re about to share with you this week…

For five days only, we’re opening our all-inclusive membership where we bundle all of our 20+ classes and membership platform/services for a super low price. One of the reasons we’re so excited is because of the BONUSES.

This year’s bonuses are mostly shippable items (yes, even free shipping internationally…. it’s going to be crazy but we can’t wait to share what we’ve lined up for you), so we need to be stocked up before opening the doors for new enrolments. To be able to prep and stock accordingly, we’ve put together a special early-bird waitlist for anyone who’s interested.

You can sign up for the early-bird waitlist without obligation here so that you can be notified when we start to spill the beans.

You’ll also receive a special early-bird registration link one day before we launch to the public on August 1st.
That way you can increase your odds of getting a spot.

Over the last three years, the Anchored Outdoors platform has multiplied… it’s been incredible to see how many lives the classes and membership have impacted.

We can’t wait to tell you more, show you the new site when we go live, and share behind the scenes!

We’ve recently pivoted to fly fishing only and the focus and support is stronger than ever. This is set to be our best year yet and we’re excited to share it with you.
Add your name to the list here: https://www.anchoredspecials.com/coming-soon

Ps, if you’re already an existing member, we’ll be sending you an email soon ❤️

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