Flashy Hollow Fly by Paul Monaghan

Member’s Tying Night: Guest Instructor Paul Monaghan

We organise monthly tying nights with some of the best fly tiers in the business. Open to all Anchored Outdoors members.

March Guest Instructor: Paul Monaghan
Fly Being Tied: Flashy Hollow

You Will Need:

  • Hook: Ahrex TP610 4/0 or something similar
  • Thread: white GSP 100D
  • Wax for thread (gives grip)
  • Glues: Liquid Fusion, Evostik Serious Glue, Gorilla Clear
For Rainbow Trout colours, materials are:
  • Bucktail in white, lime or chartreuse and light olive
  • Any medium flash. As we’re tying an 8″ fly I like Hedron Flashabou Magnum in white, or silver if you can get white
  • Hedron Flashabou in standard white.
  • Hedron Polar Flash in a silver. SF Blend in white will do the job.
  • For the flank anything pink. This can be SF Blend or Hedron Strung Fuzzy Fibre, for example.
  • The head is Nayat in olive (which Paul darkens with black). The underside is white. If you can’t get nayat, then a predator type dubbing will do.
  • Eyes are your choice. Paul prefers flat 2D eyes in 8 or 9mm on this size.

Here are the shops that will be able to ship to you:

USA – Schultz Outfitters:
Greg Senyo at [email protected]

USA – Royal Treatment Fly Shop:
Joel at +1 503-850-4397 or [email protected]

Canada – Michael and Young Fly Shop:
Catherine or Tim at +1 604-639-2278 or [email protected]

Australia – Troutlore
Rob at 0418 304 414 or [email protected]


Mar 06 2023


1:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Riga
  • Date: Mar 06 - 07 2023
  • Time: 11:00 pm

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