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Imagine being in the remote wilderness, your water supply dwindling, and the only available source is murky, sediment-filled water. Luckily, there are time-tested methods to purify even the murkiest water before boiling or filtering to ensure that it's safe to drink.
To truly master fly fishing, becoming proficient in a variety of retrieves is essential. But for the purpose of today's article, let's focus on two foundational techniques used by Kelly Galloup: the Jerk Strip and the Vertical Jig. 
The overlap between Summer and Winter steelhead can cause major confusion about when, where and how to fish. Here’s a look at some of the ways you can be better prepared this winter while swing fishing for steelhead from the bank.
Did you know that smoking pelts and hides is still the best way to ensure their longevity and suppleness? Though this method is centuries old, it still plays a crucial role in the modern craft of hide processing. But how does smoking pelts actually work, and why is it so important?
Knowing where to find trout is often more critical than understanding their diet or habits. Anglers refer to this skill as "reading water," a term that encompasses comprehending the subtleties of a river's currents, riffles, eddies, and depths.
Chef Josh Niland's Masterclass revolutionizes fish cooking by turning overlooked parts into extraordinary dishes, showcasing a zero-waste approach that's both sustainable and creatively
Discover the art of steelhead fishing with Scott Baker McGarva's expert tips, covering key factors like observation, depth, speed, and cover.
Step into the world of bamboo rod building, a craft where precision meets passion, through the Bob Clay Bamboo Rod Building Online Masterclass. This course, presented by Anchored Outdoors, is a rare chance to learn from a master craftsman.
Dive into the world of nymph fishing and elevate your trout game. Our recent Trout Fishing class with Out Fly Fishing Outfitters was a game-changer, unlocking secrets from perfecting hook sets to reading the river—essential insights that make a real difference on the water.
If you're venturing into hide tanning, one critical step is learning how to flesh a hide. We've put together a detailed guide with straightforward tips and techniques. By the end of this, you'll have a solid foundation for this crucial aspect of hide tanning. So, let's get started!
Known as the constant tension, or oval cast, whether you're tackling formidable winds or hefty flies, mastering this skill is a game-changer.
Fly fishing large, articulated baitfish patterns presents a unique and exciting challenge. By incorporating these tips from Cam McGregor, anglers can enhance their skills and enjoy greater success.
In this opening chapter, we're going to cover 7 fundamental tactics that can make a world of difference in your fishing experiences. Whether you're an expert angler or a beginner, there are tips here for everyone.