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Mending is not just a technique but an art that significantly enhances your ability to present flies - be they dry flies, nymphs, or streamers - in a manner that entices fish, transforming luck into skill. One person who knows a thing or two about this topic is Mickey Finn.
In this article, we're diving deep into Kevin's seasoned advice, setting you up for success with the right baitfish for every season. Ready to enhance your fishing game?
Jason Harman shares the story of the day he caught—and subsequently lost—a mind-altering, earth-shattering, cosmos-imploding brown trout.
A basic understanding of what lies beneath the water surface will improve your odds of catching fish.
Master observation and blend in with your surroundings by following these tips.
Learn the key characteristics of Skagit and Scandi fly lines for steelhead fishing and your personal style.
We've been seeing a lot of questions lately about what exactly a "winter" steelhead is, so we thought we'd explain some basics.
Choose the right fly line for your next fly fishing trip on a lake with our expert tips.
Follow these simple tips to keep you safe and to ensure the fish keep coming your way all day!
Justin Duggan shares his professional take on cleaning your fly fishing gear.
Many anglers struggle as they move from rivers to lakes. Be sure to know these different retrieves when fishing stillwater.
Derek Bird reviews an element of fly fishing that may not normally get evaluated: the concept of five more casts. 
We can’t wait to share Jeff Liskay's Fly Fishing Big Water class with you! Get the details...