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If you're venturing into hide tanning, one critical step is learning how to flesh a hide. We've put together a detailed guide with straightforward tips and techniques. By the end of this, you'll have a solid foundation for this crucial aspect of hide tanning. So, let's get started!
Big fish don't get big by accident. They're wary, experienced, spooky and often pressured.
New class! Guide and casting champion, Whitney Gould, teaches Trout Spey. Own it for only $97.00!
Fishing can get expensive quick, but it doesn’t have to. Here’s your guide to gearing up on a budget.
New class! Renowned shed hunter, Steven Drake, teaches his secrets to finding shed antlers. Own it for only $97.00!
Spey casting continues to grow in popularity and anglers are learning it’s not just for big fish. Get started here...
Steelhead can be finicky fish. If you want a shot at landing one, read these four tips.
Marty explains which river characteristics to look for when searching for winter steelhead. Enrol in the full class today!
Winter steelhead fishing isn't for everyone, but the right gear and attitude can mean hot fishing during the cold months. 
It will be shed hunting season soon. Follow these tips to ensure you're ahead of the game.
Chef Stephen Hanyzewski explains his process of breaking down and sustainably using a fish in 5 easy steps.
The holiday season is here. Do you have a hunter or angler in your life? Here are some gift ideas!
Fishing doesn’t have to end when winter arrives. In fact, this is when some of the best fishing takes place!