Lake Fishing

To truly master fly fishing, becoming proficient in a variety of retrieves is essential. But for the purpose of today's article, let's focus on two foundational techniques used by Kelly Galloup: the Jerk Strip and the Vertical Jig. 
Known as the constant tension, or oval cast, whether you're tackling formidable winds or hefty flies, mastering this skill is a game-changer.
Fly fishing large, articulated baitfish patterns presents a unique and exciting challenge. By incorporating these tips from Cam McGregor, anglers can enhance their skills and enjoy greater success.
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How Devin got into competitive fly fishing and how it works. We discuss nymph specifics, lach fishing, history, temperature gradients, and more.
A basic understanding of what lies beneath the water surface will improve your odds of catching fish.
Choose the right fly line for your next fly fishing trip on a lake with our expert tips.
Follow these simple tips to keep you safe and to ensure the fish keep coming your way all day!
Many anglers struggle as they move from rivers to lakes. Be sure to know these different retrieves when fishing stillwater.
Winter steelhead fishing isn't for everyone, but the right gear and attitude can mean hot fishing during the cold months. 
Fly fishing for carp is fun, but they can also help us to become better anglers. Peter Morse explains.
April and Phil discuss chironomids, triploids, and how he went from working in an insurance office to the fishing industry.