Gift A Membership

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Even though we no longer sell our memberships at the rate you signed up with (Premium+Masterclasses for $4.99 a month/$59.88 a year), we understand how nice it is to share the gift of outdoor education with someone you love. As a thank you to our Founding Members, we’ve set up an exclusive promotion that lets you gift a membership at the same price you paid!

Gift a year’s worth of content, education and Masterclasses with this easy gifting option. Christmas is just around the corner and this is an outstanding gift at an exclusive price.

We’re excited to welcome your loved ones into the community, but most importantly, we’re excited for you to have a buddy to try out all your new skills with!

*Membership activated upon redemption.
**If you accidentally gift this to someone who’s already a member, they can use it as a gift certificate to order merchandise from our online shop!