Anchored Podcast

In this episode of Anchored, we discuss how Aaron got involved in the Spey scene in the early years, his struggle with Crohn’s disease, getting his casting certification, grieving dead river systems, and more.
Carl McNeil is a man who loves to break industry norms. From his custom line of beautifully-crafted fiberglass rods
Dave McCoy wears many fishing hats: guide, photographer, retailer, Patagonia ambassador… he knows his way around the fly fishing industry.
Juan Del Carmen is the technical director for the Spanish and English fly fishing teams. A certified casting instructor and well-traveled angler, he’s a wealth of knowledge.
Mention Peter Morse to just about any fly fisher in Australia and you’ll immediately have their attention. Peter was one of the first people to pioneer fly-fishing there
Lani Waller needs little introduction. Respected author, angler and traveler, he’s probably best recognised by a set of steelhead videos that he released in the 1980’s