Chironomid Fishing with Brian Chan Online Masterclass


Renowned biologist and angler Brian Chan teaches how to catch more fish by using chironomids. This class is ideal for anglers of all experience levels. Brian doesn’t hold back as he covers entomology, rigging, presentation, boat setup, fly tying and more.

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Brian covers:
– The Chironomid Life Cycle
– Basic Tackle Requirements
– Leaders and Tippet for Chironomid Fishing
– Floating Line Tactics: Indicators
– Fishing a Naked Line
– Floating Line Tactics: Wind Drifting
– Floating Line Tactics: Adult Chironomid Presentation
– Sinking Line Tactics
– Fishing Multiple Flies
– Boat Setup for Chironomid Fishing
– Approaching the Day
– Throat Sampling
– Matching the Hatch
– Fish Handling
– Intro to Chironomid Fly Tying
– Red Thread Rubber Legged Chironomid Larvae
– Red Buzzer Wrap Bloodworm
– The Black and Red Chironomid Fly
– The Zucchini Chironomid Fly
– Anti Static Bag Chironomid
– Grey Boy Chironomid Fly

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