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There are over two hundred species of hibiscus plants and almost all of them are edible and high in vitamin C. Various recipes use hibiscus flowers, including loafs, chutneys, and the popular Mexican dish Tacos de Jamaica, but it’s hibiscus tea that is most universal.

Hibiscus tea can be made from any colour hibiscus petal, however, a bright red flower will make a more vibrant tea. The tea is tart and often sweetened. It can be consumed hot or cold.

This recipe is about as simple as it gets, using only four ingredients and five minutes of time. We drink this on hot days and the kids love having a jug of “fruit punch” readily available. Here’s how to make it.

*Note, do not drink hibiscus tea if you are pregnant. 


  • Hibiscus flowers 
  • Honey to taste
  • One lime 
  • Hot water


Pick your flowers and rinse them in cold water.

Remove the pistil and green base. Place the petals in a jug or bowl.

Fill the jug or bowl with boiling water and allow the petals to steep (I leave mine for five to ten minutes). When they’ve lost their colour, scoop them out and discard.

Add honey (or sweetener) to taste.

Once the water has cooled, stir in the juice from one lime and watch the magnificent colour transition take place.

Serve and enjoy!

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