How to Find Winter Steelhead with Marty Sheppard

How to Find Winter Steelhead with Marty Sheppard
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Mia and Marty Sheppard teach the basics of fly fishing for winter steelhead. This course is ideal for new anglers, but there are nuggets of information for anglers of all experience levels.

Marty grew up on the banks of the Sandy River in Oregon. With his dad as his tutor and angling mentor, Marty landed his first steelhead at the age of five. His enthusiasm for guiding—backed by over a decade of professional experience—makes it clear why Marty is one of fly fishing’s most well-known and respected guides.

Mia Sheppard is a World Champion Spey caster, accomplished guide, and conservationist. She grew up in Tennessee, chasing trout and hiking the Great Smoky Mountains. Mia started her guiding career on the John Day River in 2003, where she continues to guide. When she isn’t on the river or being a mother, she is working to engage more women and children in fly-fishing and the outdoors.

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In this class, Mia and Marty cover:
– What Are Steelhead?
– Rigging
– Finding Fish
– Casting and Presentation 
– Fishing High Water
– The Zone
– Tricks and Tips
– Holding Loops
– Playing Steelhead
– Keep Fish Wet
– Landing Steelhead

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