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The next time you’re in British Columbia, make sure to check out Jim Shockey’sHand of Man Museum“. The 15,000 square foot building hosts an impressive collection of items focused on Natural History, Cultural Arts and Conservation. Get up close and personal with a 16-foot Woolly Mammoth—feel the emotion, spirituality and expression of over one thousand authentic hand-crafted tribal artifacts Jim has gathered from his travels around the world.

Interactive iPads guide guests through the entire museum, including their extensive Natural History and Arctic Exploration Library, with books over 500-years old! The Hand of Man Museum is a world of discovery, education, and conservation. Admission is FREE and completely run by donations.

Jim’s Anchored Episode #: 91 (click to listen)
Duration: 1 hr 15 min
Topics Discussed: Public land, high fences, and today’s modern hunter.
Buy Jim’s Book: Ultimate Big Game Adventures
Bio: As a longtime outfitter, writer, television personality, and spokesperson, Jim has spent his fair share of time outdoors. Passionate about natural history and cultural arts, he recently opened the doors to the Hand of Man museum, an incredible display of historical artifacts that line the walls of an old school he converted for public viewing.

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