Online Bamboo Rod Building Masterclass Preview – Meet Bob Clay


Renowned bamboo rod builder Bob Clay teaches how to make your own bamboo fishing rod. Whether you hope to build a single-hand or double-hand rod, this class is packed with tricks from one of the world’s best.

Building a bamboo fly rod is no easy task.
It requires dedication, commitment and patience. It also requires knowledge and proper guidance. That’s where we come in.
This class will teach you how to build a bamboo rod from start to finish. Regardless of whether you are looking to build a single or double-hand rod, or whether you’re an experienced or novice craftsperson, this class is a treasure to all aspiring rod builders.

Purchase Bob’s online Masterclass here.

If you’re a Founding or Premium+Masterclass member, you’ll find this class in your Masterclass dashboard. 
If you’re a Premium member, shoot us an email and we’ll tell you how to access it.

Our Online Masterclass with Bob Clay includes chapters on: 
– Introduction to Bamboo Rod Building
– Selecting Culms
– Flaming Culms
– Rough Splitting and Oven Prep
– Oven Heat Treating
– Final Splitting
– Node Removal
– Scraping the Cambium Layer
– Stagger and Cut Strips
– Node Preparation
– Straighten Strips
– Rough Triangulate
– Rough Taper
– Final Taper
– Align and Hollow
– Glue and Bind
– Scraping the Blank
– Splice Joint
– Dip Varnishing
– Handle Assembly
– Handle Shaping
– Wrapping Guides
– Varnishing Guide Wraps
– Equipment List
– Tapers and Specs

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