Trout Techniques and Tactics: How to Read Water


The guide and instructor team over at Out Fly Fishing Outfitters teaches this spectacular 20 chapter class. You’ll gain confidence in your ability to identify the insects that matter, learn trick-casts that will allow you to reach fish in tricky scenarios, and so much more. Students of all experience levels will benefit from this in-depth program!

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Our Online Masterclass with Josh Nugent, Naoto Aoki, Ty Tarvyd and Steve Luethi includes chapters on:
– Reading and Approaching the Water
– Casting and Mending
– Hooking, Playing and Landing Fish
– Dry Fly Fishing Techniques
– Nymph Fishing Techniques
– Streamer Fishing Techniques
– Intro to Bugs
– Aquatic Insects
– Terrestrials
– Fly Selection
– Safe Wading
– Knot Tying
– Gear Selection
And more!

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