New Online Class: Whole Animal Butchery with Chef James Viles

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Celebrated Chef James Viles demonstrates how to process wild venison. A butcher by trade, James covers ageing, utilising the whole animal, and other useful tips for respecting wild game.

James is a celebrated chef, author and adventurer. An active global ambassador to Landrover Australia, he has travelled the country gathering some of the wildest ingredients from the land, sea and streams—cooking them in communities along the way. He is the Co-founder of Offgrid Provisions & Offgrid Kitchen, a culinary experience that explores some of the most remote parts of Australia. James is the former founder of Australian dining institution “Biota”, the most awarded regional restaurant in NSW, Australia for over 8 years. He founded “Barn by Biota”, which was named one of the top 100 restaurants to visit in the world by Time Magazine New York.

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In this class, James covers:
– Ageing and Preparation
– Hanging and Cleaning
– Knives and Tools
– Forequarters
– The Butchering Process
– Neck
– The Filets (Tenderloins)
– Striploins (Backstraps)
– Hindquarters
– Preparing Backstraps
– Preparing the Shoulder
– Preparing Hindquarters
– The Heart
– Rib Cage and Skirt Steak

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