Anchored Ep. 204: Katie Fiedler-Anderson on Guiding and Motherhood

Katie Fiedler Anderson Phoenix on the Anchored Podcast

Anchored Podcast:

Katie Fiedler-Anderson has been guiding for 13 years. Based in Colorado, before becoming a fishing guide, she worked as a raft guide, video kayaker, rock climbing instructor, and high ropes instructor. Teaching and the outdoors is in her blood. A certified USCG Captain, Katie takes fly fishing everywhere she travels. She competes in the invite-only Women’s Tarpon Fly Fishing Tournament in the Florida Keys and also loves to reel in bass with her dad in Illinois.

As mom to daughter, Nixy, she’s no stranger to the adventure of taking a child to the river—or to the obstacles it brings. In this episode of Anchored, we discuss her short film, “Phoenix”, which tells a story of passion, as Katie and her husband take a leap of faith in order to inspire their 4-year-old daughter to chase her dreams.

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