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Join renowned angler April Vokey as she explores fishing, hunting, foraging and homesteading through intimate, face-to-face conversations with some of the outdoor world’s most influential people. Her intense curiosity drives her to take a behind-the-scenes, vulnerable and honest approach with her guests that often ends up uncovering never-before-heard stories.

Ep. 160: Kimi Werner on Motherhood, Freediving, and Spearfishing

March 27, 2020

Have you ever wondered if freediving and spearfishing are as peaceful as they seem? My guest today describes them as transcendent. Born and raised in Hawaii, Kimi Werner is a chef, an award-winning artist, motivational speaker, a U.S. National Spearfishing Champion, and most recently, a new mother. Join us for a conversation about life as a new mother, freediving, spearfishing, and hunting.

Listen in to hear why Kimi Werner is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.

Outline of this episode

  • [2:55] Started diving at a young age
  • [6:00] Hunting deer
  • [12:30] shooting underwater 
  • [13:33] Is the appeal of hunting similar to that of spearfishing
  • [18:02] The day that changed her life
  • [27:22] Why she quit competing
  • [35:39] What makes a good dive partner
  • [40:39] The shark 
  • [46:55] The word huntress
  • [49:00] Motherhood

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Length: 01:02:14

Ep. 159: Instagram Troll Or Activist? An Interview With Copper Plated Sixes

March 12, 2020

Over the last few years, a surprising amount of troll accounts have emerged on social media platforms. While some are humorous and light-hearted, others thrive on the mistakes and misfortune of others. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with the person who runs Copper Plated Sixes, an account that focuses on the fishing and hunting industries. We discuss why he feels the need to run such an account, who’s really behind the posts, where to draw the line and whether or not it’s cowardly to hide behind anonymity.

Outline of this episode

  • [1:15] @copper_plated_sixes believes he's not a troll
  • [9:40] One pet peeve he has is using sex to sell fishing
  • [12:20] Hunting is also portrayed poorly online
  • [20:22] He focuses on influencers
  • [26:10] Do the actions of troll accounts fuel hatred and discord?
  • [30:22] What can come of a large following?
  • [32:12] Why is he so passionate about women showing skin?
  • [38:42] What comes from all this negativity?
  • [46:55] He knows that conversation can spur great change

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Length: 54:26

Ep. 158: Erin Block on Hunting for Food

February 27, 2020

Erin Block works as a librarian and freelance writer. She is the author of countless articles and 2 books including, The View from Coal Creek and By a Thread. But of course, Erin is more than that, she is an angler, hunter, and forager. In this episode, we dive into Erin’s life and she reveals how she got into fly fishing and hunting for food and why she has chosen to step away from fly fishing. You’ll also want to hear about her views on feminism and fishing so make sure to listen to the end of this episode of Anchored

Outline of this episode

  • [3:15] Erin grew up on a hobby farm
  • [12:44] Erin is closer to the food she eats than most
  • [18:55] She ended up at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music
  • [26:49] Marriage ended up being different than she thought
  • [31:12] She took up hiking as a way to get away and think
  • [37:15] She met her husband through his blog
  • [48:06] She doesn’t want to be treated differently because she’s a woman
  • [59:01] Why she has taken a step back from fishing

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  • Olukai
Length: 01:10:50

Ep. 157: Tying Flies with Brita Fordice

February 20, 2020

Fly tying expert, Brita Fordice, joins me on this episode of Anchored to discuss tying flies, life, and much more. Fishing has always been a part of Brita Fordice’s life. Growing up in Washington she fished for steelhead, trout, and salmon. She even started tying flies at 10 years old. As an accomplished angler and guide in Puget Sound, her custom patterns are loved by fly fishers everywhere. Listen to this fun conversation to hear more about Brita’s life, designs, fly tying tricks, and so much more.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [2:15] Brita Fordice grew up fly fishing in Washington
  • [10:22] Brita has taken tying flies to a whole new level
  • [17:35] How does she keep from having her beautifully crafted flies not turn into a terrible mess when mass-produced?
  • [20:20] What does she love and hate about different flies?
  • [25:25] Why do they use UV hardened resin?
  • [31:05] What are her thoughts on intruders?
  • [35:22] Which flies is she most proud of?
  • [40:09] What is a true Spey fly?
  • [45:08] Does she modify any of her materials?
  • [48:05] What kind of feathers does she use?
  • [51:22] What is the perfect deceiver for her?
  • [53:44] What is her biggest frustration with hooks?
  • [57:26] What tricks is she willing to share?

Connect with Brita Fordice 

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Length: 01:03:52

Ep. 156: Hoagy Carmichael on Bamboo Fly Rods

February 7, 2020

Hoagy Carmichael is a producer, director, author and bamboo rod builder. Growing up as the son of one of America’s most cherished songwriters, Hoagy is no stranger to the pressures of passing on legacies. In 1968, he met bamboo rod builder Edmund Everett Garrison, where he would eventually chronicle the work of one of fly fishing’s greats.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [4:15] Cancer has taken a toll on his health
  • [7:16] Born and raised in L.A., Hoagy grew up surrounded by show business
  • [10:35] Hoagy didn’t learn how to fish until 1967
  • [21:46] Garrison’s rods were different 
  • [25:17] Hoagy worked on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood
  • [30:15] He has written 5 books on fly fishing
  • [37:40] Do women really catch more fish?
  • [42:05] Is he a part of the fly fishing industry?
  • [46:07] How would he like to be remembered?

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Length: 50:04

Ep. 155: Best Practices for Catch and Release Fishing with Dr. Andy Danylchuk and Sascha Clark Danylchuk

January 17, 2020

The whole point of catch and release fishing is to ensure those fish live to swim another day. But sometimes, even with our best intentions, that prized fish won’t get to live much longer. Anglers and fisheries scientists, Dr. Andy Danylchuk and Sascha Clark Danylchuk are working hard to change that. Their nonprofit KeepEmWet Fishing (soon to be KeepFishWet) strives to give anglers better practices when practicing catch and release. Listen in to this fascinating conversation to hear why they do what they do, how they are trying to save ecosystems and fish, and best practices that you can employ today. 

This episode is brought to you by Cross Current Insurance, the fishing and outdoor industry's insurance company!

Outline of This Episode 

  • [3:15] Andy and Sascha take science and put it in the hands of anglers
  • [8:16] How does the science apply to anglers?
  • [13:14] Why should I follow these best practices?
  • [19:48] Where do they do their studies?
  • [20:50] A dissenting view
  • [24:15] What do they think of Washington’s new law?
  • [26:54] What is the mortality rate of catch and release fish?
  • [32:10] Is there a difference in how the fish are caught?
  • [37:44] So, should we just not fish?
  • [39:22] What are the best fish handling practices?
  • [48:28] There are no startovers
  • [52:22] Be a positive catalyst for change
  • [1:08:32] What criticisms do they get?

Connect with Dr. Andy Danylchuk and Sascha Clark Danylchuk

KeepEmWet Fishing (Soon to be Keep Fish Wet!)
On Instagram: @KeepEmWetFishing
On Facebook: @KeepEmWetFishing

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Length: 01:11:55

Ep. 154: Chris Wittman and Daniel Andrews on Captains for Clean Water

December 28, 2019

Captains For Clean Water started out as a group of fishing guides who were fed up with Florida’s water management practices. The organisation advocates for the elimination of harmful, large-scale freshwater discharges from Lake Okeechobee to the east and west by restoring the natural flow south into the Everglades and Florida Bay. 

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with captains Chris Wittman and Daniel Andrews, the founders of CFCW, to try to wrap my head around the issue.

Length: 01:29:40

Ep. 153: Kirk Deeter on the Fly Fishing Industry

December 18, 2019

Kirk Deeter is the vice president of media at Trout Unlimited and the editor of TROUT Magazine. He’s also an editor-at-large for Field & Stream and the editor-in-chief of Angling Trade. To say he’s busy is an understatement. The workload isn’t new to Kirk—he’s been working in the fly fishing industry since 2000 and is no stranger to the long hours of journalism.

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Kirk to get the inside scoop on his industry magazine, his thoughts on diversity, and whether we’re loving our fisheries to death.

Buy Kirk's Books: The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing

Length: 56:15

Ep. 152: Daniel Galhardo on Tenkara Fishing

December 14, 2019

Daniel Galhardo was born in Brazil, but came to the States as an exchange student, where he fell in love with trout fishing. When Daniel accidentally stumbled on the topic of Tenkara fishing, he was immediately intrigued. Tenkara is an ancient, Japanese form of fly-fishing that uses only a rod, line and fly, but no reel. Daniel committed himself to learning more about its history and in 2009 he founded Tenkara USA. 

In this episode of Anchored, we talk about how Daniel became the man responsible for popularising the method within the USA. We dive into the specifics of how Tenkara is done, the advantages, disadvantages, and how it compares to other forms of fly fishing.

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Buy Daniel's Book: Tenkara USA's Tenkara

Length: 53:41

Ep. 151: Josh Niland on the Whole Fish

December 6, 2019

Josh Niland is quite possibly the hottest chef on the scene right now. Owner of the Saint Peter restaurant and Fish Butchery in Sydney, he has risen to fame for using of an average 91% of every fish he buys. This September, Josh released his “Whole Fish Cookbook”, which serves as a guide for chefs, home cooks, and anglers who are also looking to waste less of their fish. His recipes range from fish eye chips to milt mortadella, as well as over 50 recipes for the fillets and prime cuts. 

I’ve been working through Josh’s book for a series I’ve been writing over at MeatEater called “Nostril to Caudal.” Josh’s knowledge, guidance, and recipes have singlehandedly changed how I clean, process, and cook fish in my own home. I’ve gone from being skeptical and squeamish to craving fish heads, livers, throats, and more. 

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Josh to discuss how he came to be one of the world’s most sought-after chefs, and why he chose to focus specifically on seafood. We discuss why fish should be dry-handled and kept away from water, as well as how and why to age fish, the best method to gut them, the differences between farmed and wild-caught fish, and whether fresh fish is really best.

This episode of Anchored is brought to you by PosterBurner

Buy Josh's Book: The Whole Fish Cookbook: New Ways to Cook, Eat and Think

Length: 01:20:27

Ep. 150: Meredith McCord Part Two

November 29, 2019

Meredith McCord is a keen angler, professional trip host, and world traveler. Today she holds 180 records through the IGFA, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Meredith has worked her entire career to make it so that she can fish as often as possible.

In the second part of this two-part episode of Anchored, we wrap up Meredith’s timeline and discuss tipping guides, mellowing out, being lonely and the real reason she continues to chase records. 

Length: 49:10

Ep. 149: Meredith McCord Part One

November 23, 2019

Meredith McCord is a keen angler, professional trip host, and world traveler. Today she holds 180 records through the IGFA, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Meredith has worked her entire career to make it so that she can fish as often as possible.

In Part One of this two-part episode of Anchored, we discuss chasing records, how she got into the fishing industry, and the rumors she’d like to address.

Length: 01:25:36

Ep. 148: Land Tawney on BHA

November 15, 2019

Land Tawney is the President and CEO of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. The organisation is a non-profit sportsmen's group based in Montana. 

In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Land to get a better understanding of what he and BHA do. We discuss public land, taking action, handling criticism and more!

Length: 01:01:29

Ep. 147: A Conversation with John Gierach

November 8, 2019

John Gierach is one of the most iconic fishing writers of all time. Having published 20 books and countless articles, it’s been said that John may be the only fly fishing writer who’s made a decent living at the craft. It’s not hard to believe—John’s talent for bringing words to life is something only time and dedication can master.

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with John for the first time at his home in Colorado. He lets me pick his brain about his upbringing and life as an author, as well as his thoughts on staying passionate about fishing, being a trout bum, climate change, and the use of profanity.

Buy John's Books: Trout Bum, A Fly Rod of Your Own

Length: 58:27

Ep. 146: Ben Bulis and Matt Smythe on AFFTA

November 2, 2019

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) is the sole trade organisation for the fly fishing industry. Over the years, AFFTA has worked hard to grow the industry, all while balancing the tricky task of sustainability and diversification.  

In this episode of Anchored, I meet up with Ben Bulis, the organisation’s president, and Matt Smythe, the communications and membership director. We discuss the size of the industry, overseas manufacturers, guide protection, tolerance, inclusion, pro deals, and the pink it and shrink it strategy.

Length: 01:16:21

Ep. 145: Real Talk with Jen Ripple from Dun Magazine

October 26, 2019

Jen Ripple is the owner and editor-in-chief of Dun Magazine, an international women’s fly fishing publication—the first of its kind. I met Jen about six years ago when she was just getting Dun off the ground. I found her perspective on the fishing industry refreshing, so I was excited when our paths crossed and we could sit down to record a conversation.

In this episode of Anchored, Jen and I discuss what it’s like to pick up fly fishing later in life, the risks of starting the industry’s first female-only magazine, empowerment, dating people who don’t fish, plus we take a closer look at the fishing-in-bikinis controversy.

Length: 01:11:44

Ep. 144: Jude Mayall, the Outback Chef

October 20, 2019

Jude Mayall is a chef, industry advisor, and author of the Outback Chef Cookbook. I first learned of Jude while looking for new reading material at the library. I was immediately intrigued by her knowledge and appreciation of Australia’s native ingredients, so I reached out to see if she’d be willing to sit down with me.

In this episode of Anchored, Jude and I discuss the history of native plants and spices, how to use them, and the basics of safe sourcing. Jude sells all of the spices we talk about in this episode, so while it’d be great to inspire foragers and chefs to use the plants in their own region, you can purchase hers to add to your cabinet as well.

Length: 54:56

Ep. 143: Topher Browne on Barometer, Water Levels, Fly Speed and Tradition

October 11, 2019

For this week’s episode of Anchored, I went back through the archives of a television show I used to host. While sifting through files, I found one of my favourite interviews that never made it to air. It’s a fascinating discussion with author and salmon aficionado Topher Browne.   

Topher and I discuss how fly size selection relates to the speed of water, how the barometer affects salmon and steelhead, as well as water temperature, DNA, thyroxine levels, and if fish are more likely to bite when the water is rising or dropping.

Buy Topher's Book: Atlantic Salmon Magic

Length: 51:44

Ep. 142: Chris Henshaw on Working with Hardy

October 4, 2019

I’m often asked how Anchored came to be. The short answer is that it stemmed from a television series I used to host. Limited airtime meant my interviews were cut into soundbites, leaving some truly wonderful history sitting on the editing floor. This week, I thought it might be time to dig into the archives and share some interviews that took place at a time when I’d never even dreamt about starting a podcast.

This episode features Chris Henshaw, a dear family friend and renowned reel-maker from the UK. I met up with him six years ago on the banks of the Kispiox River to learn about his experiences as a young man helping Hardy through some tough times.

Length: 45:25

Ep. 141: Nigel Millgate on Aboriginal History

September 27, 2019

Nigel Millgate grew up in the rural community of Dubbo, New South Wales. He’s a proud Karulkiyalu man of the Ngemba Nation, with deep roots to his ancestral lands. For the last ten years, Nigel has worked within indigenous communities across Australia, where he empowers people through culture, education, employment, and youth suicide prevention.

He’s also an avid bowhunter who spends the majority of his time outdoors. Recently Nigel invited me to tag along. There were things I couldn’t film, record, or even talk about, but there’s just as much that I can. In this episode of Anchored, Nigel and I sit down to discuss the indigenous people of Australia, their incredible history, and a little bit of insight on where they are today.

Length: 56:57

Ep. 140: Catherine Laflamme and Tim Arsenault on Choosing a Fly Line

September 22, 2019

In this episode of Anchored I’m joined by Catherine Laflamme and Tim Arsenault from Michael and Young Fly Shop to revisit the discussion about choosing a first fly fishing setup. Both Tim and Catherine are accomplished anglers, casters and salespeople, so I thought they’d be perfect to answer questions from a someone who is new to fly fishing. We discuss fly line composition, taper, weight, function, and all the little things many of us just assume to be common knowledge. I hope this helps get some of you out there on the water!

Length: 31:39

Ep. 139: Bill Fitzsimmons on Christmas Island, Fly Size, and Catch and Release

September 16, 2019

When John Gierach mentioned Bill Fitzsimmons in “Trout Bum,” he wrote about Bill’s professionalism, skill, and deliberate efforts to avoid the camera. So, naturally, I was delighted when Bill agreed to share more of his story here on Anchored. From Christmas Island in the early 1980s, the early days of fly fishing for tarpon, and owning a fly shop in Basalt, Colorado, Bill knows the fishing industry as much as anyone. Bill and his brother Mark are regulars around my campfire in BC and this fall I was finally able to record him. In this episode, we discuss the early days of saltwater destinations, fly size, and if catch-and-release fishing is selfish.

Length: 01:18:43

Ep. 138: Tyler Kushnir on the Thompson, Competitive Casting and More

September 11, 2019

Tyler Kushnir has been fishing for trout and steelhead since the 1960s. A retired high school teacher and well-known fishing personality, he’s been at the heart of steelhead advocacy for as long as I’ve known him. Tyler put in 18 years of guiding on B.C.'s Haida Gwaii before hanging up his hat and becoming vice president of the Steelhead Society of B.C. Tyler is a skilled float fisherman, though it’s Spey casting that consumes his time these days. A Spey-O-Rama competitor, he won the inaugural Senior Championship in 2012 and continues to practice and compete with the belief that it makes him a better angler.

On a recent road trip up north, I stopped in to see him at Sheridan Lake to see if I could learn a little more of his backstory. In this episode on Anchored, we discuss the Thompson River, competitive casting, and more.

Length: 53:40

Ep. 137: Oliver Ngy on Catching Big Fish

August 30, 2019

Oliver Ngy has been fishing since he was a kid. A self-taught angler from Southern California, he learned the values of commitment and dedication at an early age. Since then, Oliver has become a familiar face in the bass scene and is renowned for catching monster fish.

In this episode of Anchored, Oliver and I sit down to discuss how he targets big fish, his thoughts on patterning, and how he absolutely schooled me on the water while filming for MeatEater’s new show, Das Boat. 


Length: 35:00

Ep. 136: So You Wanna Be a Fishing Guide?

August 22, 2019

In this episode of Anchored, I thought I would do something a little different. Some of you may remember the five-part series I wrote a while back called “So You Want to be a Fishing Guide?” Almost every day I'm asked how to get into the fishing industry, specifically into the guiding side of things. I thought an audio format would be a great way to address this question—especially since I have a relatively complex answer. With that said, I hope this helps bring some clarity to those who’re wondering if guiding is a lifestyle they’d like to embrace.

Length: 28:53

Ep. 135: Jason Schratwieser on the Relevancy of the IGFA

August 16, 2019

Jason Schratwieser has been the International Game Fish Association’s director of conservation since 2003. An angler and holder of a master’s degree in marine biology, he passionately oversees the organisation’s conservation-related activities such as collaborative research, fisheries policy and advocacy. Jason was instrumental in the passage of the Billfish Conservation Act of 2012 and is the co-director of the IGFA Great Marlin Race.

In this episode of Anchored, Jason and I discuss IGFA’s history and the controversy that surrounds it. We talk about chasing records, hanging fish, and the work his organization has done to help protect marlin stocks. Finally, we talk about the future of the IGFA and if it has a place in our world today.

Length: 57:07

Ep. 134: Dr. Matthew Muir on Taking Care of Our Outdoor Dogs

August 9, 2019

Dr. Matthew Muir is a veterinarian based out of Sydney, Australia. He began work as a mixed animal general practitioner in Griffith, Australia where he developed skills in surgery, dermatology and nutrition before  moving to the United Kingdom where he performed emergency and critical care work at a Royal Veterinary College Hospital. Soon after he began consulting in wellness and internal medicine. 

Late last year when my dog, Colby, was diagnosed with bone cancer, Matthew and his team helped me determine the best medical plan to manage it. As word about Colby spread and more people reached out to me with questions about the health of their own dogs, I felt it would be helpful to sit down with Matthew to let him do the talking. In this episode of Anchored we discuss cancer prevention and management, diet, nutrition, and more. To book Dr. Matthew and his team for remote consulting visit



Length: 01:12:55

Ep. 133: Bryan Gregson on Making Photography a Career

August 2, 2019

Bryan Gregson is one of the fishing industry’s most sought-after creative minds. An award-winning adventure sports and documentary photographer and cinematographer, Bryan has been featured in publications and ad campaigns for numerous companies worldwide. His talent speaks for itself, but it’s his incredible work ethic and humility that glows from behind the camera. 

In this episode of Anchored, I was finally able to get Bryan on the show to share a little about his compelling life and career. Bryan is incredibly private and I’m thankful he was willing to take the time to share his story in hopes it may inspire others to work hard for their dreams.

Length: 01:01:20

Ep. 132: Joe Simonds on Salt Strong

July 26, 2019

Joe Simonds is a co-founder of Salt Strong, a subscription-based fishing community that focuses on education and creating memories on the water. Joe and his brother, Luke, left their lucrative business in finance to pursue their dreams of starting a fishing company.

In this episode of Anchored, Joe and I discuss the hard knocks of starting a fishing business, the perks to being part of a fishing community, the credit card test, and catching snook from a 3rd floor balcony.

Buy Joe's Book: Fishing For Happiness: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Achieving Happiness And Fulfillment From Top Experts Over The Last 100 Years

Length: 57:05

Ep. 131: Darcizzle on "Fishing in Bikinis"

July 16, 2019

Darcie Arahill, also known by her handle Darcizzle, started fishing as a little girl. Based in Florida, she focuses on saltwater species, particularly those found offshore. After quitting her office job, Darcie made the decision to become a full-time angler and YouTuber in hopes she might inspire others to get outdoors. I met with Darcie at her home in Florida to pick her brain about being a female in the fishing industry. Darcie is known for her bikini videos, so I hoped she’d be willing to talk to me about the stigma of women fishing half naked.

Truthfully, I didn’t give her a heads-up about any of this. I’d reached out to several women who’d gained notoriety through similar videos but none of them responded to me, so I was terrified she’d turn down my request for an interview. Darcie responded with kindness and professionalism and soon we'd locked in a date. 

In this episode of Anchored, I learn more about Darcie as we discuss how her career took off, what her long-term plan is, and her thoughts on the objectification of women, all while sitting through some uncomfortable conversation about if what we wear to go fishing really matters.

Length: 01:05:02

Ep. 130: Henrik Mortensen on Salmon Fishing

July 4, 2019

Henrik Mortensen is one of the most influential Atlantic salmon anglers in the world. Over the years, Henrik has guided on some of the best salmon rivers on the planet and has taught fishing and casting since the ‘80s. He now runs his own company, Salmologic, which focuses on taking the guesswork out of choosing a fishing outfit. 

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Henrik on the Gaula River in Norway to pick his brain about Atlantic salmon and how to catch them. We touch on leader lengths, water column, fly colour, the AFTM chart and more.

Buy Henrik's DVDs: Scandinavian Spey Cast Vol 1 & 2 by Henrik Mortensen - Art of Fly Casting Single/Double Handed Rods - 3 Hours - 2 DVD Set

Length: 51:08

Ep. 129: Rex Hunt on Being an Icon

June 28, 2019

Rex Hunt is Australian fishing royalty. Born in 1949, Rex has lived his seventy years to the fullest as a professional football player, popular television personality, and radio icon. 

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Rex at his home on the shores of Port Phillip Bay to discuss his life and career, the ups and downs, and his thoughts about getting more people into fishing.

Length: 42:26

Ep. 128: Brian Chan on Stillwater Fishing

June 20, 2019

Brian Chan is a Canadian icon. Biologist, teacher, guide and groundbreaker, Brian is the man behind Interior British Columbia’s trophy stillwater fishery. Brian has dedicated his entire career to better understanding trout behaviour and diet. 

I’ve been a huge fan of Brian’s for years, so I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to sit down with him to discuss his success with his renowned stocking program, plus his experience with triploids, chironomids, chaoborus, and... boobies.

Buy Brian's Books: Fly Fishing Trout Lakes, Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters

Length: 01:00:06

Ep. 127: Matt Suzuki on Fly Fishing in Japan

June 17, 2019

Matt Suzuki moved to Canada when he was in his early twenties. Folklore about BC’s fabled steelhead had made its way to him in Tokyo and soon he was, quite literally, doing everything he could to be able to fish for them full-time. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Matt for a quick visit to discuss Japan’s fly fishing culture, its fishing destinations and his process to becoming a Canadian citizen.

Length: 35:20

Ep. 126: Paul Worsteling on IFISH and Drone Fishing

June 7, 2019

Paul Worsteling has been in the fishing business for 30 years. He’s filmed more than 500 episodes of his popular television show, IFISH, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down.  

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Paul at his home near Melbourne to learn more about his rise to fishing fame and his success as a tackle shop owner. We discuss drone fishing, Paul’s incredible story and the hard truths about making a name for yourself in the industry today.

Buy Paul's Books: The Fisherman's Bucket List Book, Fishing Guide to Western Port

Length: 01:15:59

Ep. 125: Jan Kristensen on Fishing for Tarpon Out of a Float Tube

May 31, 2019

Jan Kristensen has fished all over the world. He grew up in Denmark but moved to Australia after earning his PhD in biotechnology. Ten years ago, he and his friend Daniel Goz set out to film one of the most unique projects ever undertaken in fly fishing: They set up a camp in Nicaragua and fished for large tarpon out of belly boats. They called the film Tapam and it took the fly fishing industry by storm. In this episode of Anchored, Jan and I talk about their film, the advantages and disadvantages of fishing out of belly boats, and Jan’s work as a scientist working with enzymes for biofuels.

You can purchase the full version of Tapam here.

Length: 47:43

Ep. 124: Jeff Forsee on Becoming a Full-Time Fishing Guide

May 23, 2019

When I think of full-time guides who are doing it right, I think of Jeff Forsee. Jeff epitomizes a good guide: professional, likeable, clever and fishy, but what’s really interesting about Jeff is that he’s living what many people would call “the dream.” An Ohio boy who worked hard to climb the ranks, he now splits his year guiding between Mongolia and New Zealand. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Jeff at his home in Wanaka for some casual late-night conversation about how he pulled it all together, what he would do differently, and fishing etiquette everyone should know.

Length: 01:04:57

Ep. 123: Choosing Your First Fly Rod and Reel

May 17, 2019
In this episode of Anchored, I spend the evening in my own home discussing fly rods and reels with my husband, Charles. We spend the hour comparing our own experiences working in fly shops, and try to break down what someone just getting into the sport should know about making their first purchase.
We discuss fly rod and reel anatomy, choosing the best outfit for your fishery, and some of the most common questions aspiring fly anglers have about getting started.
You can find more information about choosing your first fly rod and reel at:
Length: 55:54

Ep. 122: Guido Rahr on the Wild Salmon Centre

May 9, 2019

Guido Rahr is the president and CEO of the Wild Salmon Centre, an organisation focused on the health of salmonid populations of Canada, Russia, Mongolia and the USA. Guido has helped the Wild Salmon Centre raise over $100 million in grants, develop new scientific research, establish 6 million acres of habitat management designations—and that’s only the start. He earned a masters of environmental studies from Yale University and worked with several different conservation programs before diving full-time into his role at the centre. In this episode of Anchored, Guido and I discuss his path to stewardship, fishing in Russia and Bristol Bay, and snakes.

Length: 01:27:30

Ep. 121: Rodney Fox on Great White Sharks

May 3, 2019

Rodney Fox was born in 1940 in South Australia. Growing up near water, he quickly developed a passion for swimming, spearfishing and the ocean—and he went on to become the South Australian Spear Fishing Champion at age 22. Exactly one year after he won the championship, he was competing to defend his title when he was attacked by a great white shark and was badly wounded. Rodney used the experience to help increase shark awareness around the world and has been involved in dozens of film projects. He developed the first shark cages for underwater viewing and founded the Fox Shark Research Foundation alongside his son Andrew in 2001. In this episode of Anchored, Rodney and I discuss his attack, his role in Jaws, shark conservation and media glamorisation of animal attacks.

Buy Rodney's Books: Sharks, the Sea and Me, Sharkman

Length: 01:28:37

Ep. 120: Jack Kos on a History of Brown Trout

April 25, 2019

Jack Kos is a New Zealand angler who studied law at the University of Canterbury. Since Jack’s teens, he has been fixated on the allure of brown trout in the Southern Hemisphere. This fascination lead him to complete his bachelor’s thesis with a focus on the introduction of brown trout to New Zealand, which led him to a PhD thesis on the fishery and the role it has played over the last century. In this episode of Anchored, Jack and I discuss the man behind New Zealand’s famous brown trout, how he forever changed the ecosystem, and how the species adapted to thrive in its new home.

You can find Jack's documentary here.

Length: 36:41

Ep. 119: Bob Wyatt on Prey Image Theory

April 18, 2019

Bob Wyatt is an artist, author and long-time angler based out of New Zealand. Born in Canada, he has been fly fishing since the late ’50s. I met with Bob in New Zealand to discuss his “prey image” theory, trout fishing and the early days of steelhead fly fishing.

This episode is brought to you by Duke Cannon.

Buy Bob's Books: What Trout Want: The Educated Trout and Other Myths, Trout Hunting: The Pursuit of Happiness

Length: 01:15:20

Ep. 118: Martin Taylor on New Zealand Fish and Game

April 11, 2019

Martin Taylor is the CEO of Fish & Game New Zealand, a non-profit organization focused on managing, maintaining and enhancing sportfish, game birds and their habitats. They receive no government or taxpayer money, relying solely on income from fishing and hunting license sales. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Martin to discuss the sustainability of New Zealand’s trout fisheries, the costs of doing business and whether tourists are loving the country to death.

Length: 30:00

Ep. 117: Spencer Greening on Indigenous Management of Ecosystems

April 5, 2019

Spencer Greening (La’goot) is an indigenous scholar from the Tsimshian peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. His current doctoral research examines the relationship between traditional ecological knowledge, indigenous legal systems and indigenous management of ecosystems in a current context. His work has lead him to be honoured as a Trudeau Scholar, one of Canada’s top academic awards. I met with Spencer to discuss government relations and the complexities of indigenous peoples in Canada today.

References mentioned in the episode:

Pound net article:

Some articles/research mentioned in the interview:

Books mentioned in the episode:

Hunters and Bureaucrats : Power, Knowledge, and Aboriginal-State Relations in the Southwest Yukon by Paul Nadasdy

Traditional Ecological Knowledge : Learning from Indigenous Practices for Environmental Sustainability ed. by Melissa Nelson and Dan Shilling

Ecologies of the Heart: Emotion, Belief, and the Environment by Eugene Anderson

Length: 02:12:56

Ep. 116: Jonathan Jones on Dirtbag Fishermen

March 28, 2019

Jonathan Jones, also known as Red Beard, has been known to stir the pot. As a relative newcomer to the fishing industry, Jonathan has no problem admitting that he’s here to bring the entertainment. He is tattooed, gold-toothed, cheeky and outspoken. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Jonathan to discuss his “why,” Australia’s flats fishing and state of the fly fishing culture down under.

Length: 01:11:30

Ep. 115: Whitney Gould on Spey Casting and Trout Fishing

March 22, 2019

Whitney Gould is a Spey casting instructor and a six-time Spey-O-Rama casting champion. She is a full-time fishing guide who started guiding in Alaska before adding Oregon, California and Montana to her resume. This winter, Whitney and I met up for lunch in Montana, but decided to sit down for a last minute podcast. In this episode of Anchored, Whitney and I talk about her upbringing, her entrance into the fly-fishing industry, Spey casting and trout fishing in Montana.

Length: 53:27

Ep. 114: Brett Seng on Photography and Integrity

March 16, 2019

Brett Seng is one of my favorite outdoor photographers. Over the years, Brett has been a fishing guide, a consultant to hunting companies and created the ShuttleSnap app. In this episode of Anchored, Brett and I talk about his career choices, inspiration in the outdoors, and the modern-day pressures of killing animals and catching fish for public accolades.

Length: 55:55

Ep. 113: Tom Bie on the Drake Magazine

March 7, 2019

Tom Bie founded The Drake Magazine in 1998 and he has grown it to be one of the most respected magazines in the industry. With some of the finest fishing writers, it’s not hard to see why. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Tom to learn more about the evolution of his career, how he’s managed to keep his privacy while growing The Drake as a brand, and his infamous Drake forum board.

Length: 01:22:36

Ep. 112: Jim Klug on Yellow Dog

February 28, 2019

Jim Klug is the founder and CEO of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, a travel company that arranges fly-fishing trips to lodges around the globe. Over the years, Jim has worked as a guide, sales rep, photographer and filmmaker, though today he is busier than ever managing the Yellow Dog Headquarters in Montana. In this episode of Anchored, Jim and I talk about being a booking agent in the fishing industry, how to deal with upset clients, and the importance of staying up to date on the legislation and policies that impact the places we love.

Buy Jim's Book: Fly Fishing Belize by Jim Klug 

Length: 42:34

Ep. 111: Roy Henry Vickers on Art, Culture and Humanity

February 20, 2019

Roy Henry Vickers is a Grammy Award-nominated, Canadian First Nations artist. Roy is one of Canada’s most revered artists—his work can be found in the Vancouver Airport and galleries around the world. I’ve been a fan of Roy since I was a teenager, so I was excited to have the opportunity to sit down with him at his home on the Skeena River.

In this episode of Anchored, Roy and I discuss culture and history, and the story of how he got to where he is today. We take a deeper look at our connection with nature, reflect on a dark part of Canada’s history, and explore the desire to be our best selves.

Buy Roy's Books: Storyteller: The Art of Roy Henry Vickers, Raven Brings the Light (Northwest Coast Legends)

Length: 01:11:56

Ep. 110: Sam Lungren on Keeping Our Catch

February 13, 2019

Sam Lungren grew up on Whidbey Island in Washington's Puget Sound. He spent summers working aboard an Alaskan commercial salmon seiner while studying journalism in college. After obtaining his master’s degree in environmental journalism, his thesis project about the controversial effects of steelhead hatcheries launched his career as an outdoors writer. Soon he was contributing to The Drake, Gray's Sporting Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, Stonefly, Bugle and The Flyfish Journal. 

Sam spent the last five years as the editor of Backcountry Journal, the quarterly membership magazine of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, and recently joined the MeatEater editorial team as a writer and editor with an emphasis on fishing and conservation.  In this episode of Anchored, Sam and I sit down to discuss commercial fishing, eating fish, and the harsh realities of catch and release fishing.

Length: 47:51

Ep. 109: Whitney Milhoan on Casting for Recovery

February 7, 2019

Whitney Milhoan is the executive director of Casting for Recovery, a non-profit organization that provides healing outdoor retreats for women with breast cancer. Casting for Recovery started in 1996 with a focus on improving quality of life for female cancer patients. The foundation receives nationwide support from medical and psychosocial experts, and it’s not hard to see why. The retreats are free to women of all ages in all stages of treatment and recovery, letting them build a support network while they heal from surgery and emotional pain. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Whitney to discuss why fly fishing is beneficial for women with breast cancer and to learn more about how people can get involved. I’ll post a donation link in the podcast description with the hope that we can help Casting for Recovery reach more women with your support.

Length: 42:21

Ep. 108: January Questions and Answers

January 30, 2019

In this episode of Anchored I reach out to past guests of the show to ask them your questions! I speak with Amy Hazel, Simon Gawesworth, George Cook, Andy Danylchuk, Scott Baker McGarva, John McMillan and Jerry Darkes about some subjects you wanted to know more about.

We discuss what it's like owning a fly shop when fish stocks are declining, fly size, sink tip depth, how to rig a Spey rod, fly fishing for carp and a follow up on the 2016/2017 Keep 'Em Wet study.


Length: 01:00:25

Ep. 107: Josh Hutchins on Social Media and Fishing Australia

January 23, 2019

Josh Hutchins grew up fishing for trout near Sydney's mountain streams. Since then, he's fly fished around the world and started Aussie Fly Fisher, his guiding and travel business. Josh runs a number of learn-to-fly-fish courses, including the Aussie Fly Fisher Youth Academy, which helps raise young fly fishermen and build a positive community within the sport. Josh is an incredibly talented photographer who is regularly featured in leading publications such as National Geographic, The Flyfish Journal and Fly Life Magazine.

In this episode of Anchored, Josh and I discuss Murray cod, Glorious Bastards and the impacts of social media on today’s generation of anglers.

Length: 01:25:56

Ep. 106: Ryan Callaghan on Public Land

January 16, 2019

Ryan Callaghan, who goes by Cal, is more than just a moustache. I first met Cal while he was working for First Lite as their director of conservation. I was immediately drawn to his authenticity. As a longtime hunter, angler and competent outdoorsman, he has seen a lot.

After a successful 12 years at First Lite, Cal recently transitioned into a new role. As MeatEater’s director of conservation, his focus is on highlighting the most important issues in the conservation space.

In this episode of Anchored, Cal and I discuss a little bit of his family history, the basics of the public lands campaign and Chronic Wasting Disease in deer.

Length: 52:27

Ep. 105: Geoff Mueller on Being Behind the Words

January 10, 2019

You’ve probably seen Geoff Mueller’s name below a thought-provoking essay in a magazine or industry publication. Geoff is the senior editor of The Drake magazine and is a copy-writer for over a dozen popular brands.  

Geoff began his career in BC’s newspaper circuit before becoming a managing editor at Fly Fisherman Magazine, and in 2010 he took on a job with Tom Bie at The Drake magazine, where is still working today. 

In this episode of Anchored I sit down with Geoff to discuss how he got involved in the industry, pushing people’s buttons and if we’re loving our rivers to death.

Buy Geoff's Book: What a Trout Sees: A Fly-Fishing Guide to Life Underwater

Length: 41:15

Ep. 104: Camille Egdorf on Growing Up Fishing

January 2, 2019

Camille Egdorf was born into a fishing family. At only six months old, she was accompanying her parents to their family lodge in Alaska, where she eventually guided. Today, Camille lives in Montana and works at Yellow Dog as their Alaska and Christmas Island program director.  

In this episode of Anchored I meet with Camille to discuss the rise of her career, growing up in Alaska and how she decided to start guiding.

Length: 53:27

Ep. 103: Rodney Hsu & Kitty Kanhoffen on the Next Generation

December 27, 2018

Rodney Hsu started the Fishing With Rod website in 2001. Its purpose was to serve as an online fishing resource for anglers throughout British Columbia. Today, however, Rodney’s popular fishing videos are the most watched sport-fishing channel in Canada.

Rodney has an academic background in fisheries biology and is a public adviser for the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, a director for the BC Family Fishing Weekend Society, and a representative of Fisheries and Oceans Canadaʼs Upper Fraser Valley Sport Fishing Advisory Committee.

In this episode of Anchored I meet with Rodney and co-host Kitty Kanhoffen to discuss getting children into fishing, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and managing public pressure. 

Length: 41:28

Ep. 102: Eva Shockey on the Unexpected

December 19, 2018

Eva Shockey is one of hunting’s most recognised names. Born in British Columbia, Eva grew up in a hunting family before making the decision to dive headfirst into the hunting industry at the age of twenty. Today she lives in Raleigh, North Carolina where she balances her career, motherhood and marriage. 

Just this week Eva launched her first six episodes of her new online series, Eva Shockey’s Outdoor 101, on Facebook Watch. She is also the author of the popular book, Taking Aim, where she talks about her journey from non-hunter to hunter.

In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Eva to discuss her first hunting trip, hunting with cameras, and online bullies.

Buy Eva's Book: Taking Aim: Daring to Be Different, Happier, and Healthier in the Great Outdoors

Length: 48:10

Ep. 101: Jim Bartschi on Scott Fly Rods

December 12, 2018

Scott Fly Rods was started in a San Fransisco basement in 1973. As a teenager, Jim Bartschi used to spend his time pestering Harry Wilson, the company’s founder, with questions until he was eventually offered a job. The position was a success — to date, Jim is the company’s president and rod designer.

Scott has made some adjustments over the years, but they always seem to maintain their integrity and core values. It’s no secret that the fly rod industry has changed, so I was curious to hear how Jim and Scott kept up with the influx of competitors.  

Jim is quite deliberate about keeping his name quiet within the company, so I had many questions about who he is and where he came from. In this episode of Anchored, we discuss keeping up with trends, Scott’s internal ferrules, and the name game in the fly-fly-fishing industry.

Length: 47:56

Ep. 100: Roland Martin on Being a Bassmaster

December 5, 2018

Roland Martin is one of the most successful bass fishermen of our time. Roland’s ability to read water began at a very early age, eventually achieving him multiple tournaments wins and three Hall of Fame inductions. He is the host of the Fishing with Roland Martin series and was one of the first bass anglers to promote catch and release fishing in the 70’s.  

At almost eighty years old, Roland has had his ups and downs while dabbling in television, ownership of a marina, a guiding career, the military, public figure and co-owner of T3 with fellow angling legends Jimmy Houston and Bill Dance.

In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Roland to ask him more about his pursuits. In 2004, his tournament wins alone exceeded one million dollars and he was showing no signs of slowing down. 

Buy Roland's Book: Roland Martin's 101 Bass-Catching Secrets

Length: 41:50

Ep. 99: Bucky Buchstaber on The Fly Fishing Collaborative

November 28, 2018

Bucky Buchstaber is the founder and executive director of the Fly Fishing Collaborative, an organisation that raises money to provide sustainable aquaponics farms for communities that are at a high risk of sex-trafficking. In this episode of Anchored I sit down with Bucky to ask him exactly what the Fly Fishing Collaborative does.

Every $15,000 the FFC raises provides a sustainable aquaponics farm for an orphanage or safe-home. Equipped with food, water, and fresh produce, the communities are able to put their time towards empowering local leaders to care for additional children that would otherwise be sold into slavery.

The project has not gone without criticism, and while Bucky is the first to admit that learning and growing is a never ending process, the FFC has come a long way since it's first year.  

In this episode of Anchored, Bucky and I discuss the horrible world of human trafficking and what we might be able to do to help.

Length: 54:54

Ep. 98: Tom Brown III on Primitive Skills (Part Two)

November 21, 2018

Tom Brown III is an avid angler, hunter and instructor of wilderness survival, tracking and observation. In the second part of this Anchored episode, Tom and I discuss footwear, fire starting, foraging, tanning hides and more! 

Length: 01:24:17

Ep. 97: Tom Brown III on Primitive Skills (Part One)

November 14, 2018

Tom Brown III is an avid angler, hunter and instructor of wilderness survival, tracking and observation. In this episode of Anchored Tom and I discuss his philosophies, stalking tactics, tanning hides, fire-starting and more! Be sure to tune in next week for when I meet with Tom again for part two!

Length: 01:18:11

Ep. 96: Hilary Hutcheson on Life in Montana, Climate Change and Outdoor Parenting

November 6, 2018

Hilary Hutcheson is a shop owner, guide, mother and brand ambassador. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Hilary to discuss her upbringing, climate change and being a fishing mom.

Length: 56:10

Ep. 95: Dean Butler & Jono Shales on Hanging Marlin

November 1, 2018

Hanging marlin is one of the most controversial topics in the angling world. In this episode of Anchored I sit down with renowned marlin captain, Dean Butler, and Exmouth guide, Jono Shales, to hear their very different opinions on the matter

Length: 01:19:00

Ep. 94: Jono Shales on Exmouth

October 24, 2018

When Jono Shales decided to start life over again, he had no idea he would land in one of the world’s most impressive saltwater fisheries. In this episode of Anchored, Jono and I discuss Exmouth, permit, queenfish, milkfish, billfish and more. 

Length: 54:29

Ep. 93: Rob Sitch on A River Somewhere

October 17, 2018

Rob Sitch is one of the most unique fly-fishermen I’ve ever met— a doctor, comedian, director and actor, his television series, A River Somewhere, took Australia by storm. Twenty years later, his show is still regarded as one of the most ground-breaking fly-fishing programs to ever hit the air. In this episode of Anchored I sit down with Rob at his production house in Victoria, Australia to hear more about his inspiration for the series.

Length: 47:51

Ep. 92: Tom Rowland on the Experience

October 10, 2018

Tom Rowland is the host of the television series, Saltwater Experience and the Tom Rowland Podcast. Tom has a deeply rooted career in the fly-fishing industry, starting as a guide in Wyoming before moving to guide in the Florida Keys. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Tom to learn more about his experiences with tournaments, television and more.

Length: 01:05:13

Ep. 91: Jim Shockey on the Hunter

October 4, 2018

Jim Shockey is a hunting icon.  A longtime outfitter, writer, television personality and spokesperson, Jim has spent his fair share of time outdoors. Passionate about natural history and cultural arts, Jim recently opened the doors to the Hand of Man museum, an incredible display of historical artifacts that line the walls of an old school he converted for public viewing. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Jim to hear his story and to ask him some questions about public land, high fences, and today’s modern hunter.

Buy Jim’s Book: Ultimate Big Game Adventures

Length: 01:15:59

Ep. 90: Oliver White on Taking Risks

September 28, 2018

Oliver White has one of the most inspirational stories I’ve ever heard. In this episode of Anchored, Oliver shares the story of how became the owner of Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas.

Length: 38:14

Ep. 89: Cameron Hanes on the Grind

September 20, 2018

Cam Hanes is one of the outdoor industry’s most high profile people. Cam was an outdoorsman at an early age, eventually fine-tuning his archery skills until he was an accomplished bowhunter.   In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Cam at his home in Oregon to discuss his introduction to the sport, our responsibility as hunters and his opinion of his own journey within the industry.

Buy Cam's Book: Backcountry Bowhunting, A Guide to the Wild Side (Collector's Edition)

Length: 51:48

Ep. 88: Jako Lucas on a Life Abroad

September 13, 2018

Jako Lucas has guided in the Seychelles, Mongolia, Norway, and Zambia. As founder of Captain Jack Films, the aspiring filmmaker made his mark over a decade ago by producing some of the most captivating films ever made about fly fishing. In this episode of Anchored, Jako and I discuss giant trevally fishing, floating crabs and breaking into the guiding industry.

Length: 49:29

Ep. 87: Ed Rice on Being a Sportsman's Entrepreneur

August 22, 2018

Ed Rice founded the International Sportsmen’s Expo (ISE) in 1975 and ran it for twenty-three years. The show was the first of its kind, and was responsible for the collaboration and networking of some of fly fishing's most dynamic industry leaders. Ed holds a handful of IGFA records and has traveled the world in pursuit of fisheries less known. In this episode of Anchored, Ed shares some of his most intimate memories and gives us a glimpse into the life of the man behind the scenes.

This episode is brought to you by HMH Vises!  

Length: 57:20

Ep. 86: Brian Niska on Skeena Spey

August 14, 2018

Brian Niska is Federation of Fly-Fishers Master caster, a THCI certified instructor and the creator of the Pieroway Rod Company Metal Detector series. In 2000 he started Whistler Fly Fishing, a school, shop and outfitting company that catered to the younger generation of fly-fishers. Today, Brian and his wife Lizzy run Skeena Spey lodge in Terrace, B.C.

In this episode of Anchored, Brian and I discuss 2018’s salmon migration, the Keep ‘em Wet movement and guide responsibility.

This episode is brought to you by

Length: 58:47

Ep. 85: Andy Mill on a Passion For Tarpon

August 7, 2018

Former Olympic downhill skier, Andy Mill, is widely regarded as one of the best tarpon fly fishermen in the world. Looking at the amount of tournament wins he has under his belt, it’s easy to see why. In this episode of Anchored I sit down with Andy in his first podcast to discuss tarpon fishing, drag settings and bow-hunting.

This episode is brought to you by

Buy Andy's Book: A Passion for Tarpon

Length: 01:04:23

Ep. 84: Christine Atkins and Jackie Kutzer on Orvis 50/50

July 29, 2018

Orvis recently launched their 50/50 On the Water campaign, an initiative with the goal of seeing more women on the water. From women-specific gear, education, adventure experiences, nonprofit partnerships and women-centric storytelling, the campaign has been a hot topic. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Christine Atkins and Jackie Kutzer to ask them some uncomfortable questions.

This episode is brought to you by CellHelmet.  

Length: 54:57

Ep. 83: Bob Hooton on Days of River's Past

July 16, 2018

Bob Hooton is one of Canada’s most passionate steelhead advocates. Bob was a BC government fish biologist, where he spent almost 40 years fighting to save our fisheries. In this episode of Anchored, Bob and I discuss his career, the fate of our fisheries and his new book "Days of River’s Past". You can find Bob’s book at the BC Federation of Fly Fishers here, where all proceeds will be donated to the organisation and steelhead related projects. 

This episode is brought to you by

Buy Bob's Books: Days of Rivers Past, Skeena Steelhead: Unknown Past, Uncertain Future

Length: 01:34:03

Ep. 82: Justin Duggan on Fly Fishing in Sydney

June 27, 2018

If you’re looking for a fly-fishing guide or casting instructor in Sydney, you'll almost certainly be referred to Justin Duggan. Justin has been guiding for five days a week for close to twenty years. In this episode of Anchored, Justin and I sit down to discuss some of the most common errors he sees anglers make in his boat.

This episode is brought to you by

Length: 01:10:29

Ep. 81: Joe Brooks on Finding Joe Brooks

June 13, 2018

Joe Brooks has always been somewhat of a mythical figure to me, so when I had the opportunity to sit down with his great nephew to talk about a documentary they were making about him, I jumped at the chance. In this episode of Anchored, we discuss Joe’s life leading up to his career as an angler, and we breakdown his timeline from start to finish — I hope you enjoy this special sneak peak into Joe’s life. 

This episode is made possible by Lost River Outpost.  

Buy Joe's Books: Trout Fishing

Length: 01:03:03

Ep. 80: Per Arneberg on the Norwegian Flyfishers Club

June 9, 2018

Per Arneberg splits his year between Norway and the USA. A passionate and longtime angler & entrepreneur, Per oversees the management and operations of the Norwegian Flyfishers Club. In this episode of Anchored, Per and I discuss the club and fishing in Norway.

This episode is brought to you by Rio Products

Length: 42:15

Ep. 79: Felix Borenstein on Fly Fishing in New Zealand

May 30, 2018

Felix Borenstein owns and operates Owen River Lodge on New Zealand’s south island. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with him to hear more about his journey from IT professional to lodge extraordinaire.

This episode is brought to you by the Appalachian Mountain Club.  

Length: 51:11

Ep. 78: Tommy Aarkvisla on Spey O Rama

May 17, 2018

Tommy Aarkvisla is a world champion Spey caster. Hailing from Norway, Tommy kindly made time to sit with me during 2017’s Spey-O-Rama. In this episode of Anchored we discuss competition casting and Tommy’s entrance into the Spey world. 

This episode is sponsored by RIO Products

Length: 41:01

Ep. 77: Juliet Cohen on Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

May 5, 2018

Juliet Cohen is the executive director for the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper. Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the Chattahoochee River and its tributaries for the people, fish and wildlife that depend upon them. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Juliet to talk about the river and its current situation.

This episode is brought to you by

Length: 45:30

Ep. 76: Mark Bachmann on The Fly Fishing Shop

April 17, 2018

Mark Bachmann owns “The Fly Fishing Shop”, one of the most famous fly shops on the west-coast. He opened the store in Welches Oregon in 1981 and has going strong since. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Mark at his shop to talk about entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an industry leader.

This episode is brought to you by RIO Products

Length: 44:14

Ep. 75: Miles Nolte on The Alaska Chronicles

March 30, 2018

Miles Nolte is a guide, writer and the fly-fishing editor at Gray’s Sporting Journal. I’ve been a fan of Miles since reading his book "The Alaska Chronicles" and I was eager to hear more about how he came to be the writer he is today. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Miles in New Zealand to discuss writing, guiding and fly-fishing films.

This episode is brought to you by Line and Sight

Buy Miles' Book: The Alaska Chronicles: An Unwashed View of Life, Work, and Fly Fishing

Length: 48:59

Ep. 74: Lacey Kelly on the Florida Outdoor Experience

March 15, 2018

Lacey Kelly is a Floridian hunting and fishing guide. I was excited to learn more about her upbringing and how she became the skilled outdoors woman she is today.

This episode is brought to you by Hatch Outdoors.  

Length: 48:18

Ep. 73: Carter Andrews on his Obsession

February 5, 2018

Carter Andrews is a jack of all trades. He's well-versed with fly and conventional gear, plus he’s been a guide, lodge owner, television host and world angler. In this episode of Anchored, Carter and I discuss fishing in Panama and more. 

This episode is brought to you by Yeti.  

Length: 52:19

Ep. 72: Jeff Mishler on Skagit Master

January 19, 2018

Jeff Mishler is the producer of the popular Skagit Master series. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Jeff at his home in Oregon to hear his story and learn more about Skagit Master’s behind the scenes.

This episode is brought to you by RIO Products

Length: 01:10:10

Ep. 71: Devan Van Der Merwe on Fly Fishing the Seychelles

January 6, 2018

Devan Van Der Merwe is the manager of Alphonse Fishing Company, where he plays an important role in the atoll’s development. Devan heads up 26 professional guides, captains & deckhands, and runs a fleet of 48 vessels in logistically challenging environments. 

This episode of Anchored is sponsored by Line and Sight

Length: 43:54

Ep. 70: Tom Pero on "Print is Dead"

December 28, 2017

Tom Pero is the man behind Wild River Press, a publishing house that has produced some of the best fishing books of our time. Tom is an avid steelhead angler who lives in Washington State. In this episode of Anchored, Tom and I discuss the print world and the struggles publishers face.

This episode is brought to you by

Length: 44:59

Ep. 69: Fanny Krieger on a Life Less Known

December 13, 2017

Fanny Krieger is an extraordinary woman. On a trip to California, I met with Fanny at her San Fransisco home to see if I could learn more about her. I knew she was the widow of famed fly-fisherman Mel Krieger, but I had no idea just how heart-wrenching the rest of her story is. 

This episode is brought to you by CanvasPop

Buy Fanny's Books: Tomorrow's Fly Fishers

Length: 43:21

Ep. 68: Larry Solomon on The Caddis and the Angler

November 27, 2017

In 1977, Larry Solomon wrote “The Caddis and the Angler”, the first book ever specifically written about caddis flies and how to fish them. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Larry at his home in New York to engage in a lesson about entomology.

This episode is brought to you by CanvasPop

Buy Larry's Book: The Caddis and the Angler

Length: 48:25

Ep. 67: Russell Chatham on an Artist's Life

November 16, 2017

Russell Chatham is a world-renowned artist best known for his water colour paintings. An avid fly-fisher and hunter, it was inevitable that Russell would end up spending a major chunk of his life in Montana, where he fell in love with the outdoors. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Russ in San Fransisco where we discuss his past, fame and some hard truths about his life behind closed doors.

This episode is brought to you by CanvasPop

Buy Russell's Books: Silent Seasons: Twenty-One Fishing Stories, Dark waters: Essays, Stories, and Articles

Length: 01:10:02

Ep. 66: Bill Bakke on The Native Fish Society

November 9, 2017

Bill Bakke is a proud Oregonian who’s been involved in fish conservation for over 40 years. Bill is a writer, an active voice in the media and the founder of the Native Fish Society, a regional organization focused on the protection and restoration of native fish in the northwestern United States. In this episode of Anchored, Bill and I discuss the Native Fish Society and its struggles.

This episode is brought to you by Farlex Reels.

Length: 01:06:41

Ep. 65: Corley Kenna on Patagonia, Public Land and National Monuments

October 18, 2017

Corley Kenna is the senior director for communications at Patagonia. I met with Corley in California to see if I could learn more about the definition of public land, national monuments and parks. In this episode of Anchored, Corley elaborates on the Bear’s Ears national monument, Patagonia’s current campaigns and how we can help to make a difference.

This episode is brought to you by

Length: 38:50

Ep. 64: Donald Trump Jr on Fishing, Hunting and Public Land

October 18, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. needs no introduction. This June I had the opportunity to meet Donald in New York City to find out more about his upbringing, passion for the outdoors and his stance on public land (albeit brief). Political conversation was off the table but my curiosity was not, so I headed up the gold Trump Tower elevator to see what I might learn about him.

This episode is brought to you by

Length: 50:27

Ep. 63: Gene Allen on Fly Fishing the Kispiox River

October 16, 2017

The Allen’s name is synonymous with the Kispiox Valley. Known for their long-standing history with one of BC’s most special steelhead fisheries, they’re just as well-known for their angling prowess, conservation efforts and matter-of-fact approach.  In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Gene Allen at Bear Claw Lodge to learn about his upbringing, bucking horses and the Kispiox river.

This episode is brought to you by RIO Products

Length: 57:14

Ep. 62: Dr. Aaron Adams on Snook, Bonefish, Tarpon and Permit

September 29, 2017

Dr. Aaron Adams is the director of science and conservation for the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Dr. Adams in Florida to discuss migrations and patterns of bonefish, permit and tarpon.

This episode is brought to you by Trident Fly Fishing

Buy Aaron's Books: Fly Fisherman's Guide to Saltwater Prey: How to Match Coastal Prey Fish & Invertebrates with the Fly Patterns That Imitate Them, Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Coastal Gamefish

Length: 55:36

Ep. 61: Ian Ricketts on the Canned Tuna Industry

September 9, 2017

Ian Ricketts is an avid fly-fisherman who just happens to be the vice-president of Ocean Brands— a Richmond, British Columbia based distributor of canned wild salmon and tuna. In this episode of Anchored, Ian and I discuss the commercial tuna industry and Ocean’s strategy towards more responsible practices.

Length: 01:01:26

Ep. 60: Keith Rose-Innes on the Seychelles, Pirates and the Fishing Industry

August 24, 2017

Keith Rose-Innes has explored some of the most remote corners of the globe. He started out as a young adventurer before becoming a fly fishing guide and, eventually, a lodge owner. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Keith to talk about fishing in the Seychelles and the piracy issues that once plagued his operation.

This episode is brought to you by

Length: 39:54

Ep. 59: Steven Rinella on MeatEater

August 10, 2017

Steven Rinella is an avid angler, hunter and all-round outdoorsman. He is the author of five books and host of the popular tv series, MeatEater. I met with Steve at his home in Washington to partake in some thought-provoking conversation. He didn’t disappoint…

This episode is brought to you by

Buy Steve's Books: The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game: Volume 1: Big Game, The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler, American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost Icon

Length: 01:36:43

Ep. 58: Ted Juracsik on Tibor Reels

July 29, 2017

Ted Juracsik of Tibor reels has a truly remarkable story. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Ted to hear how a tool-and-die maker became one of the world’s best reel-makers.

This episode is brought to you by  


Length: 40:32

Ep. 57: Dylan Tomine on Wild Steelhead

July 14, 2017

Dylan Tomine is an author, father and straight-shooter. Dylan is a Patagonia ambassador and a passionate conservationist who works tirelessly to educate the masses about fish hatcheries. In this episode of Anchored, Dylan and I sit down to pick through the highly contentious topic of hatcheries and wild steelhead. 

This episode is sponsored by Casey Underwood

Buy Dylan's Book: Closer to the Ground: An Outdoor Family's Year on the Water, In the Woods and at the Table

Length: 57:05

Ep. 56: Les Stroud on Survivorman

June 29, 2017

Les Stroud is a man of many talents—Survivorman, musician, film-maker, guide, outdoorsman, entrepreneur to name a few. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Les to hear the story about his famous television series and his thoughts on human nature in the wild.  

This episode is sponsored by Nemo Equipment 

Buy Les's Books: Survive!: Essential Skills and Tactics to Get You Out of Anywhere - Alive, Will to Live: Dispatches from the Edge of Survival

Length: 01:14:04

Ep. 55: Nicole Darland is the Mom with Edg

June 13, 2017

Nicole Darland started her company Xclusive Xpeditions in 2003. She went on to cohost the Fly Fisherman TV series on the Sportsman Channel and has been featured in various other films and magazines. Today Nicole is the vice-president of marketing and brand development for Edge rods and North Fork Composites. She is also the mother of three beautiful little boys. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Nicole at her home in Washington to learn more about her and her life as a working mom in the industry. 

This episode is sponsored by Peak Fishing.  

Length: 01:19:09

Ep. 54: Nick Bowles on Fly Fishing in Dubai

June 5, 2017

Nick Bowles moved from South Africa to Dubai for love—he didn’t expect to find an untapped fishery that would ultimately change his life. Nick is the owner of Ocean Active charters, which specialises in a variety of exotic species. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Nick to discuss fly fishing in Dubai.

Length: 37:41

Ep. 53: Pete Humphreys Breaks Down the Spey Cast

May 16, 2017

Pete Humphreys moved from England to Michigan over 20 years ago. He brought with him a passion for fishing and an interest in Spey casting. Pete is a Master caster and THCI accredited instructor through the Federation of Fly Fishers. In this episode of Anchored, I meet up with him in his cabin on the Muskegon river to analyze the Spey cast. 

This episode is brought to you by RIO Products.

Length: 01:28:33

Ep. 52: Chico Fernandez on Fly Fishing Cuba

April 23, 2017

Chico Fernandez is a saltwater fly fishing pioneer. He was one of the first fly fishers in Cuba, and he continued his legacy in Florida after he and his family immigrated to the United States. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Chico to learn a little more about him.

Buy Chico's Books: Fly-Fishing for Bonefish, Fly-Fishing for Redfish

Length: 21:16

Ep. 51: Adam Greentree on Bow Hunting

April 9, 2017

Adam Greentree spends more time in the Australian bush than anyone I know. Adam traded in his rifle for a bow when he was seventeen years old. After a year of working in a slaughterhouse, his decision to hunt his own meat was further ingrained into his life and beliefs. Adam works hard to promote bow hunting as a means to get outside and as a way to appreciate where our food comes from. In this episode of Anchored, we sit down to discuss the basics of bow hunting.

This episode of Anchored is sponsored by  

Length: 01:00:32

Ep. 50: Ted Niemeyer on Natural Fly Patterns

February 27, 2017

Ted Niemeyer was one of the most skilled fly tiers the fly-fishing world has ever seen. A pioneer of realistic fly patterns, Ted was gentle to the core, so when he kindly welcomed me into his Washington home to share an afternoon of discussion, I was delighted. I am sad to say that we lost Ted last year—with his passing, we say goodbye to one of the last true gentlemen of our sport.

This episode is sponsored by

Length: 01:01:26

Ep. 49: Louis Cahill on Gink and Gasoline

January 27, 2017

Louis Cahill is one of the most captivating people I have ever met. Louis is a photographer who runs the popular website, Gink and Gasoline. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Louis to discuss his career transition from corporate professional to self-employed fishing bum.

This episode is sponsored by RIO Products.  

Length: 01:31:26

Ep. 48: Adrienne Comeau Keeps it Straight Up

January 14, 2017

It’s not every day you get to interview your best friend. Adrienne Comeau is a steelhead guide, photographer, Spey-caster, and fly-tier extraordinaire. In this episode of Anchored, we sit down to address some topics that are commonly swept under the rug.  

This episode is sponsored by Hatch Outdoors. 

Length: 01:08:47

Ep. 47: Mark Johnstad on Fly Fishing Mongolia

December 29, 2016

Mark Johnstad grew up in Montana with a fly rod in his hand. He first travelled to Mongolia in 1991, where he spent several years helping establish protected areas—he’s been back almost every year since. Mark is at the forefront of taimen conservation, even founding Mongolia River Outfitters, which is a community and environmental organization that uses fly-fishing to support the fishery. In this episode of Anchored, Mark and I discuss the incredibly inspiring story behind Mongolia and its world class fishery.

This episode is sponsored by Luke Weiser custom bamboo fly rods.  

Length: 58:33

Ep. 46: Dr. Andy Danylchuk on the "Keep 'em Wet" Study

December 2, 2016

Dr. Andy Danylchuk is a professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He’s also a passionate angler and a fly fishing ambassador for Patagonia. Andy studies marine and freshwater systems, with a primary focus on stress physiology, behavioural ecology, spatial ecology, predator-prey interactions and adaptations in life history as a response to disturbance. Andy’s been at the forefront of fisheries science in the Bahamas and he’s currently spearheading a program in Northern BC. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Andy to learn about the BC project.

Length: 01:00:47

Ep. 45: David Folkerts on Project Healing Waters

November 16, 2016

David Folkerts is the Chief Operations Officer at Project Healing Waters. David joined the army in 1999 with the Nebraska Army National Guard. In 2005 he was deployed to Iraq, where he suffered a devastating injury that changed his life. In this episode of Anchored, David speaks with me about his experiences as an injured veteran and how he became involved with Project Healing Waters. 

Length: 44:32

Ep. 44: Bob Clay on Bamboo Spey Rods

November 2, 2016

Bob Clay is the authority on bamboo two-handed (Spey) rods. A retired guide and passionate angler, Bob lives off the grid on the world-famous Kispiox river. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Bob to hear more about his story and the secret behind his renowned fishing rods.

This episode is sponsored by Farlex Reels.  

Length: 50:46

Ep. 43: Jeff Liskay on Being a Steelhead Junkie

October 26, 2016

Jeff Liskay is a fly fishing guide, instructor, Patagonia ambassador and one of the fishiest people I have ever met. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Jeff to discuss steelhead fishing techniques and the subtleties that make a great angler.

This episode is brought to you by Water Master

Length: 58:17

Ep. 42: Shannon McPhail on the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition

October 16, 2016

Shannon McPhail was born and raised in Northern BC. The Skeena river runs through her backyard and her bloodline, making her one of the most passionate and knowledgable activists I’ve ever met. Shannon is the executive director for the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition and is leading the battle against the latest approved LNG plant proposed for Lelu Island—a Skeena river estuary and Canada's most important wild salmon habitat. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Shannon at her home in Hazelton to learn more about how we can help. 

Donate at

Awakening the Skeena DVD

Length: 01:03:12

Ep. 41: Gary Loomis on Edge Fly Rods

September 26, 2016

Gary Loomis is more than just a name on a fishing rod. Gary’s been at the core of the fishing industry for over fifty years, and he’s still going strong. Gary is the founder and previous owner of G. Loomis rods, but after selling the company to Shimano, he launched his new rod company, Edge. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Gary at his home in Woodland to learn more about his success story.  

This episode is sponsored by  

Length: 01:35:37

Ep. 40: Cam McGregor & Dr. Katie Doyle on Murray Cod

September 5, 2016

Murray cod are one of the most remarkable fish on this planet. Found only in Australia, Murray cod are a large freshwater fish that can grow over one hundred pounds. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Cameron McGregor and Dr. Katie Doyle to learn more about this remarkable fish. 

This episode is sponsored by Peak Fishing.  

Length: 58:13

Ep. 39: Wil Flack on Fishing for Permit

August 22, 2016

Wil Flack is a Belizean-Canadian who splits his year between two countries. Wil is a steelhead and permit guide, a retailer, and the product developer who invented cloud camouflage for flats fishing. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Wil to discuss permit and tarpon fishing, fly presentation, moons and tides.

This episode is sponsored by


Length: 39:38

Ep. 38: Grant Wooldridge on Wooldridge Boats

July 29, 2016

The Wooldridge family has been making boats for over 100 hundred years! I’ve been a Wooldridge fan since my guiding days on the Fraser river, so I was excited to have Grant Wooldridge on the show to learn more about his family history. In this episode of Anchored, Grant and I discuss the construction of Wooldridge boats and why they're so special.

This episode is brought to you by Blue Sky Furled Leaders.

Length: 55:47

Ep. 37: Joan Wulff on Being Joan Wulff

July 7, 2016

At almost ninety years old, Joan Wulff is still instrumental in fly-casting, instruction, demonstrations, competitions and more. In this episode of Anchored, Joan and I walk through her timeline and I finally get to ask her some of the many questions I’ve always wanted to ask her.

This episode is brought to you by Water Master Rafts.

Buy Joan's Books and DVD's: Joan Wulff's New Fly-Casting Techniques, Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting: From Solid Basics to Advanced Techniques by Miracle Productions

Length: 01:36:23

Ep. 36: Kevin Feenstra on Fishing the Muskegon River

June 26, 2016

Kevin Feenstra is a long-time Muskegon river fishing guide. He was one of the first people to swing flies for steelhead in the midwest, and his adaptations of the west coast’s swinging tactics are revolutionary. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Kevin to learn more about him and his guiding tricks.

This episode is sponsored by Blue Sky Furled Leaders.  

Length: 48:28

Ep. 35: Dean Butler on Marlin and the IGFA

June 2, 2016

Dean Butler's recognition extends far beyond the Southern Hemisphere. A famed off-shore captain, Dean has been at the heart of more fly-fishing world records than most. From Australia, Panama, Niugini and the Florida Keys, Dean holds some serious credibility in the saltwater angling community. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Dean at his home in Australia to sit down with him for his first ever podcast. 

This episode is brought to you by RIO Products.

Length: 01:22:06

Ep. 34: Jim Rissling on Fraser River Sturgeon

May 23, 2016

Jim Rissling is the field program coordinator for the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society. A retired conservation officer, Jim devotes a great deal of his time training volunteers how to tag sturgeon (which is how I met Jim years ago when I was a sturgeon guide).  In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Jim at his home in Chilliwack, BC for a quick coffee and chat about Fraser River sturgeon.

Length: 28:52

Ep. 33: Greg Senyo on Fusion Fly Tying

May 15, 2016

You’ve likely seen his Greg Senyo’s name printed on fly-tying packages hanging on fly shop walls around the world—Senyo dubbing, shanks, brushes and streamers... the man seems to be everywhere. Greg is a fishing guide, outfitter, fly tier and author. He recently published his first book, “Fusion Fly Tying”. In this episode of Anchored, Greg and I discuss guiding burn-outs and the dangers of social media.

This episode is sponsored by Hatch Outdoors.  

Buy Greg's Book: Fusion Fly Tying

Length: 01:05:48

Ep. 32: Rick Kustich on Great Lakes Steelhead

April 28, 2016

Rick Kustich is a fly-shop owner, guide, instructor, and the author of five fly-fishing books. Over the years, Rick has been instrumental in the midwest fly-fishing scene. In this episode of Anchored we talk about Great Lakes steelhead and what we can expect in his latest book.

This episode is sponsored by Farlex Reels.  

Buy Rick's Books: Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead, Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead - An Advanced Look at an Emerging Fishery

Length: 01:03:58

Ep. 31: John McMillan on Steelhead Behaviour (Part 2)

April 15, 2016

In this episode of Anchored, John and I continue our talk about steelhead behaviour. We discuss fish memory, sensitivity to sound, and their behavious underwater.   

Buy John's Book: May a River Never Sleep

Length: 01:10:42

Ep. 30: John McMillan on Steelhead Biology (Part 1)

March 28, 2016

John McMillan has devoted his entire life to the protection of the West Coast’s wild steelhead stocks. John has lead multiple conservation projects, and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.  In this episode of Anchored, I meet with John at his quiet home in Port Angeles to discuss steelhead biology, the gene pool and a bunch of other questions that I've been eager to ask him.

This episode is sponsored by J.M. Reid Bamboo Fly Rods. 

Buy John's Book: May the Rivers Never Sleep

Length: 01:07:09

Ep. 29: Gary Borger on a River Runs Through It

March 17, 2016

Gary Borger has been in the industry since 1971. He’s an accomplished author, instructor, presenter and overall wealth of knowledge. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Gary to learn more about his history, the movie “A River Runs Through It” and advanced fly fishing techniques. 

This episode is sponsored by Water Master

Buy Gary’s Books and DVDs: PresentationFishing the Film (Fly Fishing – The Book Series, 1)

Length: 01:23:51

Ep. 28: Tyler van der Meulen on Being the New Guy

March 4, 2016

Tyler van der Meulen is an incredibly talented fly-tier. Tyler left me speechless when I heard his story at a trade show in Alberta.  In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with him for an inspirational conversation about overcoming obstacles.

This episode is sponsored by Lagartun.  

Length: 19:19

Ep. 27: Jerry French on The Skagit Line (Part 2)

February 26, 2016

In this episode of Anchored, Jerry and I continue our conversation about fishing in the Pacific Northwest.  We discuss Skagit lines, Skagit casting and whether anglers should regulate their own fishing.

This episode is sponsored by Peak Fishing.

Length: 01:11:52

Ep. 26: Jerry French on The Intruder Fly (Part 1)

February 18, 2016

Jerry French is a co-owner of Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics (OPST). He’s also one of the driving forces behind the popular Skagit line and intruder fly—a steelhead fly that changed freshwater fishing around the world.  In this two-part episode of Anchored, I meet with Jerry at his home on Camano Island to see if I can learn more about one of the most fascinating evolutions fly fishing has ever seen.

This episode is sponsored by Peak Fishing. 

Length: 01:29:15

Ep. 25: Lori-Ann Murphy on Reel Women, Belize and Chasing Dreams

February 4, 2016

Lori-Ann Murphy started out as a trout guide in the late 1980’s before moving to live and guide in San Pedro, Belize. She founded Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures in 1994—the first company to offer women-only fly fishing trips all over the world. In this episode of Anchored, Lori-Ann shares her story and the struggles to become situated in a different country.

This episode is sponsored by Fish On The Brain podcast.

Length: 55:30

Ep. 24: Trey Combs on his Life, Billfish and Steelhead

January 21, 2016

For Pacific Northwest steelheaders, Trey Combs is a household name. Trey is a fly fishing author who's written about steelhead and offshore fly fishing. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Trey at his home in Port Angeles, WA to learn more about the man who preserved the stories of fly fishing's pioneer.  

The episode is sponsored by Peak Fishing.

Buy Trey's Books: Steelhead Fly Fishing, Bluewater Fly Fishing 

Length: 01:28:42

Ep. 23: Bruce Hill on Helping BC's North

January 7, 2016

Behind the walls of fame and glory live the men and women who are the true heroes of our natural world.  In my eyes, Bruce Hill is very much one of those heroes.  An activist, silent leader, respected conservationist and the father of two children who are just as active as he is, the Hills have long kept the Skeena country safe from corporations looking to assault it.  

An honest man, Bruce understands the need for industry, but is currently appalled at the liquid natural gas project being proposed in northern BC—specifically on Lelu island, the Skeena’s most critical habitat for sensitive juvenile steelhead and salmon. In this episode of Anchored, Bruce educates me about some of his causes—both past and current.

This episode is dedicated to Skeena Wild, the Steelhead Society of BC, and the Skeena Watershed Conservation Coalition.

Length: 01:00:34

Ep. 22: Steve Rajeff on Being One of the Greats

December 21, 2015

Steve Rajeff is the lead rod designer at G. Loomis rods. He is also one of the best fly casters in the world. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Steve to see if he’ll open up a little about his life and how he became one of the most known names in fly fishing.

This episode is sponsored by Blue Sky Furled Leaders.

Length: 01:12:08

Ep. 21: John Shewey on Spey Flies and Their History

December 9, 2015

John Shewey is the author of “Spey Flies and Dee Flies” and “Classic Steelhead Flies”.  John has dedicated his life to the pursuit of steelhead and their history. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with John in Oregon to learn more about the history of steelhead flies and the true definition of a Spey fly.

This episode is sponsored by Peak Fishing

 Buy John's Books: Spey Flies and Dee Flies, Classic Steelhead Flies

Length: 01:12:23

Ep. 20: Jerry Darkes on Fly Fishing the Great Lakes

November 25, 2015

Jerry has been immersed in the fly fishing industry for most of his life.  Jerry is the author of the only book written about fly-fishing the Great Lakes themselves. In this episode of Anchored, Jerry explains his favourite species and methodologies for each of the Great Lakes, plus he helps to break down the confusion that goes hand in hand with fishing such an enormous system.

Buy Jerry's Books: Fly Fishing the Inland Oceans: An Angler's Guide to Finding and Catching Fish in the Great Lakes 

Length: 01:13:26

Ep. 19: John Hazel on Guiding, Steelhead and Fly Fishing for Trout

November 11, 2015

John Hazel has played an important role in the development of Spey fishing in the Pacific Northwest. John began guiding thirty-seven years ago and has been a key player on the Deschutes river where he and his wife, Amy, live, guide and run a fly shop. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with John to see if he’ll publicly share some of his opinions and insight.  

This episode is sponsored by Hatch Outdoors.

Buy John's DVD: Advanced Spey Casting with John and Amy Hazel

Length: 58:33

Ep. 18: Kerry Burkheimer on the Life of a Rod Builder

October 29, 2015

Kerry Burkheimer might have the most contagious laugh I’ve ever heard. If his laugh doesn’t win you over, his custom fly rods certainly will. It’s undeniable that Kerry makes some of the most beautiful casting rods in the world.  In this episode of Anchored, I meet up with Kerry at his factory in Washougal, WA to see if he’ll open up about his aspirations, company and past.

Length: 01:06:56

Ep. 17: Ken Morrish on Fly Water Travel and Fly Design

October 21, 2015

Ken Morrish is the man behind the highly successful booking agency, Fly Water Travel. He’s also a photographer, writer, angler and designer of countless mainstream flies. You’ve likely seen his photos or fished his flies without knowing he’s the artist behind them. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Ken to learn how he got his start in the industry, his take on today's booking agents and his conservation efforts.

This episode is sponsored by Peak Fishing. 

Length: 01:09:08

Ep. 16: Frank Moore on World War II, Pass Creek & the Umpqua River

October 1, 2015

Ninety-two year old Frank Moore is a fly-fishing legend. World War II veteran, long-time North Umpqua fishing guide, lodge owner, conservationist, devoted husband, father, friend… there are few people who meet Frank without leaving as a better person.  In this episode of Anchored we discuss Frank's incredible life story.  

This episode is sponsored by Thump Coffee.  

Length: 54:13

Ep. 15: Amy Hazel on Oregon Steelhead Techniques and Fishing the World

August 19, 2015

Amy Hazel is someone you won't forget. Guide, instructor, fly shop owner and an all-round force to be reckoned with, she's the sort of woman who works hard and fishes even harder. Amy is a committed business owner, a woman who fights for her beliefs, and a comedian in her own right. I've loved her since the very first day we met seven years ago at a trade show in California.  I met with Amy in Maupin, Oregon to hear more about where she came from and where's she’s planning on going.

This episode is sponsored by Hatch Reels.

Buy Amy's DVD: Advanced Spey Casting with John and Amy Hazel

Length: 01:14:36

Ep. 14: Greg Osburn on Hatcheries

August 5, 2015

Greg Osburn is the founder and executive director of the Three Rivers Sportsman’s Alliance. The TRSA is an all-volunteer political action committee whose sole purpose is to support and promote their “more fish for all” policy by way of hatcheries.  In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Greg at his office in Oregon to try and learn more about his viewpoint and operation.  

This episode is sponsored by Fly Fusion Magazine.

Length: 01:11:18

Ep. 13: Jim Teeny on Nymphing and Branding

July 22, 2015

Jim Teeny knows his way around the fishing industry. From his famous Teeny lines and nymphs, to his books and DVD’s, Jim has branded himself in a way that very few people have successfully done in the fly fishing industry. In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Jim at his home in Gresham, Oregon to get the low-down on his industry struggles, his experiences abroad and his plans to bring his brand back to the forefront.

This episode is sponsored by Thump Coffee.

Buy Jim's Books and DVD's: Catching More Steelhead, Fly Fishing Great Waters 

Length: 01:06:29

Ep. 12: George Cook on Alaska and the Popsicle

July 10, 2015

George Cook is one of the most well-known steelhead and salmon anglers in the Pacific northwest—he’s also a sales rep for Sage and RIO, as well as the inventor of the Alaskabou fly series. In this episode of Anchored I meet up with George at his home in Auburn, Washington, to talk about fishing in Alaska, the origin of the Popsicle fly and George’s definition of fly fishing.

This episode is sponsored by Wooldridge Boats.

Length: 01:16:13

Ep. 11: Scott Baker McGarva on BC Steelhead Techniques

June 25, 2015

Scott Baker McGarva has been described as an encyclopaedia of knowledge by his British Columbian peers. Sales rep, guide, instructor and fly shop veteran, he knows something about everything when it comes to fishing. I met up with Scott in Vancouver to learn more about his life and steelhead fishing. 

In this episode of Anchored we talk about the fly line revolution, swinging fly techniques and the time of year when steelhead have "egg on the brain”.

Length: 01:19:58

Ep. 10: Rod Harrison on Niugini Black Bass & Marlin

June 1, 2015

Rod Harrison carries some serious clout in the sport-fishing world. As a guide and mentor to some of the most notable anglers in the fly-fishing industry, Rod has had an undeniable impact on the sport. 

In this episode of Anchored we discuss Niugini black bass, being a marlin junky, gamefish tactics and more.

Buy Rod's Book: Braid & Gelspun Superlines

Length: 01:12:26

Ep. 9: Peter Hayes on Guiding and Competitive Fly Casting

May 8, 2015

Peter Hayes is a world fly casting champion and a highly regarded fly casting instructor. A longtime guide and lodge owner, he is fully immersed in the industry and has few qualms about speaking his truth. 

In this episode of Anchored Peter and I discuss philosophy, getting burnt out and what it takes to win.

Length: 01:03:16

Ep. 8: Simon Gawesworth on RIO Fly Lines

April 17, 2015

Simon Gawesworth is originally from England. He came to America for RIO Products, where he eventually became the company’s marketing manager. Simon is the face behind RIO’s Modern Spey Casting DVD, the author of two successful spey casting books, and a world-class instructor renowned for his proficient teaching style and casting ability.

In this episode of Anchored we discuss his upbringing, fly lines, and fly casting.

Buy Simon's Books: Single-Handed Spey Casting, Spey Casting

Length: 01:22:49

Ep. 7: Greg French on Tasmania and Yellowstone Park

April 3, 2015

Greg French has written six books, including the first accurate and comprehensive Tasmanian guide book in existence. Now he's focusing his extensive knowledge about fish biology and hatcheries into a book about Yellowstone National Park. 

In this episode of Anchored, Greg and I discuss tourism, advocacy, writing and stalking fish.

Buy Greg's Books: Frog Call,The Last Wild Trout

Length: 01:14:38

Ep. 6: Christer Sjöberg on LOOP and Solid Adventures

March 20, 2015

Few people have had as big of an impact on the fishing industry as Christer Sjöberg. Christer founded Loop Tackle in 1979 and, while that's what he’s best known for, he is also the owner of Solid Adventures, which owns several successful fishing lodges around the world.

In this episode of Anchored, I meet with Christer at his lodge in Argentina to hear the story behind the man who has so much to tell.

Length: 01:35:22

Ep. 5: Carl McNeil on Epic Glass Rods and Swift Fly Fishing

March 4, 2015

Carl McNeil is a man who loves to break industry norms. From his custom line of beautifully-crafted fiberglass rods to his ground-breaking films, Carl manages to cause quite a stir from a tiny village at the bottom of New Zealand’s South Island.

In this episode of Anchored, Carl and I talk about fly casting, trout fishing and quality fishing rods.

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Length: 01:09:35

Ep. 4: Dave McCoy on Fish Handling and Hatcheries

February 17, 2015

Dave McCoy wears many fishing hats: guide, photographer, retailer, Patagonia ambassador… he knows his way around the fly fishing industry. Dave is one of those people who isn’t afraid to speak his mind—especially about his beliefs. I was curious to hear more about Dave's involvement in a recent “keep-em-wet” campaign, as well as his stance on hatchery steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

In this episode of Anchored, Dave and I talk about the industry, Washington’s future and the importance of wild steelhead.

Length: 50:15

Ep. 3: Juan Del Carmen on Competitive Fly Fishing

February 6, 2015

Juan Del Carmen is the technical director for the Spanish and English fly fishing teams. A certified casting instructor and well-traveled angler, he’s a wealth of knowledge.

In this episode of Anchored we discuss competitive angling, goal setting, philosophy and fly fishing in Spain.

Length: 01:12:52

Ep. 2: Peter Morse on Fishing in Australia

January 15, 2015

Mention Peter Morse to just about any fly fisher in Australia and you’ll immediately have their attention. Peter was one of the first people to pioneer fly-fishing there, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Peter is the author of three books and is a certified Master caster, television personality and well traveled angler. 

In this episode of Anchored, Peter opens up about his upbringing, his views on shark conservation, Australia’s fishing industry and the television show that had an undeniable impact on the land down under.

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Length: 01:24:52

Ep. 1: Lani Waller on Steelhead, Fame and the Plane Crash

December 14, 2014

Lani Waller needs little introduction. Respected author, angler and traveler, he’s probably best recognised by a set of steelhead videos that he released in the 1980’s—videos that were ahead of their time. Lani has often been referred to as “legendary” or “famed”, but while he is the first to admit that he’s proud of his accomplishments, he’s just as quick to profess his imperfections.

In this episode of Anchored, we talk about his introduction to the sport, the specifics behind his famed videos, steelhead fishing, human nature and the plane crash that nearly ended it all.

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Length: 01:12:56