Anchored Podcast Ep. 107: Josh Hutchins on Social Media and Fishing Australia

Josh Hutchins on Social Media and Fishing Australia

Anchored Podcast:

Josh Hutchins grew up fishing for trout near Sydney’s mountain streams. Since then, he’s fly fished around the world and started Aussie Fly Fisher, his guiding and travel business. Josh runs a number of learn-to-fly-fish courses, including the Aussie Fly Fisher Youth Academy, which helps raise young fly fishermen and build a positive community within the sport. Josh is an incredibly talented photographer who is regularly featured in leading publications such as National Geographic, The Flyfish Journal and Fly Life Magazine.

In this episode of Anchored, Josh and April discuss Murray codGlorious Bastards and the impacts of social media on today’s generation of anglers.
Length: 01:25:56

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