Anchored Podcast Ep. 121: Rodney Fox on Great White Sharks

Rodney Fox on great white sharks

Anchored Podcast:

Rodney Fox was born in 1940 in South Australia. Growing up near water, he quickly developed a passion for swimming, spearfishing and the ocean—and he went on to become the South Australian Spear Fishing Champion at age 22. Exactly one year after he won the championship, he was competing to defend his title when he was attacked by a great white shark and was badly wounded. Rodney used the experience to help increase shark awareness around the world and has been involved in dozens of film projects. He developed the first shark cages for underwater viewing and founded the Fox Shark Research Foundation alongside his son Andrew in 2001. In this episode of Anchored, Rodney and April discuss his attack, his role in Jaws, shark conservation and media glamorisation of animal attacks.

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Length: 01:28:37

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