Anchored Podcast Ep. 125: Jan Kristensen on Fishing for Tarpon Out of a Float Tube

Jan Kristensen on fishing for tarpon out of a float tube

Anchored Podcast:

Jan Kristensen has fished all over the world. He grew up in Denmark but moved to Australia after earning his PhD in biotechnology. Ten years ago, he and his friend Daniel Goz set out to film one of the most unique projects ever undertaken in fly fishing: They set up a camp in Nicaragua and fished for large tarpon out of belly boats. They called the film Tapam and it took the fly fishing industry by storm. In this episode of Anchored, Jan and I talk about their film, the advantages and disadvantages of fishing out of belly boats, and Jan’s work as a scientist working with enzymes for biofuels.

You can purchase the full version of Tapam here.
Length: 47:43

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