Anchored Podcast Ep. 130: Henrik Mortensen on Salmon Fishing

Henrik Mortensen On Salmon Fishing

Anchored Podcast:

Henrik Mortensen is one of the most influential Atlantic salmon anglers in the world. Over the years, Henrik has guided on some of the best salmon rivers on the planet and has taught fishing and casting since the ‘80s. He now runs his own company, Salmologic, which focuses on taking the guesswork out of choosing a fishing outfit. 

In this episode of Anchored, April meets with Henrik on the Gaula River in Norway to pick his brain about Atlantic salmon and how to catch them. They touch on leader lengths, water column, fly colour, the AFTM chart and more.

Buy Henrik’s DVDsScandinavian Spey Cast Vol 1 & 2 by Henrik Mortensen – Art of Fly Casting Single/Double Handed Rods – 3 Hours – 2 DVD Set
Length: 51:08

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