Anchored Podcast Ep. 138: Tyler Kushnir on the Thompson, Competitive Casting and More

Tyler Kushnir On The Thompson, Competitive Casting And More

Anchored Podcast:

Tyler Kushnir has been fishing for trout and steelhead since the 1960s. A retired high school teacher and well-known fishing personality, he’s been at the heart of steelhead advocacy for years. Tyler put in 18 years of guiding on B.C.’s Haida Gwaii before hanging up his hat and becoming vice president of the Steelhead Society of B.C. Tyler is a skilled float fisherman, though it’s Spey casting that consumes his time these days. A Spey-O-Rama competitor, he won the inaugural Senior Championship in 2012 and continues to practice and compete with the belief that it makes him a better angler.
In this episode on Anchored, April and Tyler discuss the Thompson River, competitive casting, and more.
Length: 53:40

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