Anchored Podcast Ep. 147: A Conversation with John Gierach

A Conversation With John Gierach

Anchored Podcast:

John Gierach is one of the most iconic fishing writers of all time. Having published 20 books and countless articles, it’s been said that John may be the only fly fishing writer who’s made a decent living at the craft. It’s not hard to believe—John’s talent for bringing words to life is something only time and dedication can master.

In this episode of Anchored, April meets with John for the first time at his home in Colorado. She picks his brain about his upbringing and life as an author, as well as his thoughts on staying passionate about fishing, being a trout bum, climate change, and the use of profanity.

Buy John’s Books: Trout BumA Fly Rod of Your Own
Length: 58:27

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