Anchored Podcast Ep. 152: Daniel Galhardo on Tenkara Fishing

Daniel Galhardo On Tenkara Fishing

Anchored Podcast:

Daniel Galhardo was born in Brazil, but came to the States as an exchange student, where he fell in love with trout fishing. When Daniel accidentally stumbled on the topic of Tenkara fishing, he was immediately intrigued. Tenkara is an ancient, Japanese form of fly-fishing that uses only a rod, line and fly, but no reel. Daniel committed himself to learning more about its history and in 2009 he founded Tenkara USA

In this episode of Anchored, April and Daniel talk about how he became the man responsible for popularising the method within the USA. They dive into the specifics of how Tenkara is done, the advantages, disadvantages, and how it compares to other forms of fly fishing.

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Buy Daniel’s Book: Tenkara USA’s Tenkara
Length: 53:41

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