Anchored Podcast Ep. 173: Purpose in Fishing with Kristine Fischer

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Competitive bass angler, Kristine Fischer joins April on this episode of Anchored to discuss tournament fishing, women in fishing, and so much more. You’ll learn about her upbringing, what it’s like to be a woman in this male-dominated field, and how to get started in bass fishing tournaments. Grab your favorite listening device and press play to hear Kristine’s story.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:15] Kristine is grateful for growing up without a tv 
  • [17:07] Catching a huge musky on a fly rod
  • [23:31] What inspired her to start tournament fishing?
  • [31:48] She is striving for purpose
  • [40:08] Women are under a microscope now more than ever
  • [45:20] What does it mean to be overrated?
  • [50:25] How much of the problems in the industry are due to the media?
  • [56:28] Why follow troll accounts?
  • [1:00:48] What is the first step to getting into tournament fishing?
  • [1:07:03] What about bass on beds?
  • [1:11:38] What is the proper way to catch and release bass?
  • [1:13:46] Will the image of bass fishing change?

Kristine’s love of the outdoors started at a young age

Kristine was born and raised in a remote, desolate area of Nebraska to an outdoorsy family. Her idyllic childhood involved camping, travel, and plenty of time outdoors. Since her parents wanted to ensure that their children’s minds were always engaged she grew up without a tv and ended up spending most of her days outside. At the time she thought this was unfair, but she ended up realizing that her parents had given her a gift. 

She has finally learned to lead by example 

Like all of us, Kristine has evolved in her thinking over the years. In the past, she felt like she was constantly fighting a battle and had a lot to prove to the world. She used to use her blogs to voice her passionate opinions, but she has come to realize that she doesn’t need to try and sway people’s opinions with her words. These days she leads by example. Listen in to hear how she has changed over the years and what examples she is setting for women in fishing all over the world.

What inspired Kristine to start tournament fishing? 

As a self-described natural born competitor, Kristine was drawn into tournament fishing by the fact that a woman hadn’t won a national level tournament before. She wanted to shatter the traditional notions about women in fishing. She remarks that she has never been motivated by money, instead, she wants to prove to the world that women can compete in this sport just as well as a man. 

Kristine’s competitive spirit kept her going when the going got tough

Much to her dismay, Kristine zeroed at her first big tournament. She was devastated and ready to quit afterwards, but she used her competitive drive to turn around and keep going. Kristine ended up hitting the road and signing up for fishing tournaments all over the country. She has since qualified for the Hobie World and won 3 big tournaments. With these national level wins she now has a spot on the USA team. Listen in to hear how these wins have affected her life, what drives her, and what it’s like fishing under a microscope.

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