Anchored Podcast Ep. 210: Tim Arsenault on Bridge Lines and Spey Casting

Tim Arsenault Spey Casting Bridge Fly Lines

Anchored Podcast:

Tim Arsenault has a laugh you won’t forget and a cast you’ll want to master. An avid angler and competitor at the popular Spey-o-Rama casting event, he has made a much-deserved name for himself as one of North America’s top casters. Tim is the founder of Bridge Fly Lines and the manager of Vancouver’s Michael and Young Fly shop.

In this episode of Anchored, Tim shares the story of how he started fishing and, eventually, competing. We discuss the stresses behind starting a line company and take a closer look at some of the advanced casting techniques that Tim uses for distance. Find this episode on our YouTube channel if you prefer to watch Tim’s form while you listen.

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