Anchored Podcast Ep. 223: Karin Miller on Zenkara Fly Fishing, Angles and Innovation

Zen Tenkara on the Anchored Podcast
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Karin Miller is the owner of Zen Tenkara, a Colorado company that designs, manufactures and sells Tenkara rods, lines and accessories. In this episode of Anchored, I sit down with Karin to hear more about how the company was founded, how she handles innovation and criticism, angles while fighting fish, Tenkara’s history, and more.

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April Vokey

April Vokey

April Vokey is a fly fishing writer, FFF certified casting instructor, fly-tyer, speaker, writer/host of the original WFN series, Shorelines with April Vokey, and host of the popular fishing podcast, Anchored.  After ten years of guiding in British Columbia, she now splits her year between camp in northern BC and Australia.

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