Anchored Podcast Ep. 229: Jake Jordan on Big Game Fly Fishing, STH Reels and the World Class Angler

Jake Jordan Fly Fishing School
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Anchored Podcast:

Jake Jordan is a renowned fly-fishing guide and instructor who’s been in the fishing business for over seventy years. Founder of STH Reels and World Class Angler, an early fly shop in the Florida Keys, Jake has been at the forefront of many changes in the big game world. In this episode of Anchored, we discuss how he got his start, fly fishing for tarpon before it became overly popular, fishing for marlin and what makes them special, Mako reels, and more. Reach Jake at or via phone at 1-305-872-6060.

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Anchored Outdoors

Anchored Outdoors is an ever-growing network of fly fishing experts who’ve been brought together by podcaster and fellow outdoorswoman, April Vokey.

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