Exploring Pigface (Carpobrotus) with Jude Mayall

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Pigface (Carpobrotus) can be found along coastlines all over the world. A creeping succulent with fleshy leaves and a salty-sweet fruit that blossoms into a daisy-like flower, all parts of the plant are edible at any given stage of its life.
Leaves can be used in salads, pickling and countless recipes, but they’re also great as a salt substitute and insect repellent. Peel them and eat them raw or cooked. We’ll be posting future recipes on Anchored Outdoors, but there are a number of recipes already available online.

Episode #: 144 (click to listen)
Duration: 54 min
Topics Discussed: Some history on Australian native plants and spices, how to use them, and the basics of safe sourcing.
Behind the Scenes: Jude and April explore various native plants at Jude’s new Wild Food Farm.
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Bio: Jude Mayall is a chef, industry advisor, and author of the Outback Chef Cookbook.

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