Live with Tom Brown III: Introduction to Wilderness Survival

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Every year thousands of people get lost in the wilderness. Some make it out unscathed, others are never seen again. Many of these incidents could be easily avoidable with a little bit of knowledge and preparation before heading
out into the woods.

During this webinar, Tom Brown III will talk about some of the concepts and principles needed to survive, should you ever find yourself lost or stranded in the wilderness. He will discuss everything from the mental state needed to survive, to a few simple pieces of gear you should always have with you when heading into the great outdoors.
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Picture of Tom Brown III

Tom Brown III

Tom Brown III (T3) is a lifelong student and practitioner of primitive living skills and wilderness survival. Tom grew up learning ancestral skills from his father, Tom Brown Jr, who founded the Tracker Wilderness Survival School. This upbringing showed him the profound effect of reconnecting people to nature.

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