Anchored Podcast

How Jake got his start, fly fishing for tarpon before it became overly popular, fishing for marlin and what makes them special, Mako reels, and more.
Carl and Kathryn Martens share their story about diving into retail and how things aren’t always as they appear.
Gill and April discuss the reality of growing up in a fishing family, angler psychology and more.
The legacy of Tom Morgan rods lives on. We discuss Tom's passion for quality rods, bamboo rod building and more.
April sits down with Jeff Hickman and David Moskowitz to discuss the current state of Columbia River steelhead.
April and Phil discuss chironomids, triploids, and how he went from working in an insurance office to the fishing industry.
Justin Crump and April Vokey discuss chasing rooster fish in Mexico, the importance of a fly’s profile, and setting expectations.
Instructor Natalie Bogwalker shares her experience living in community, tanning hides, permaculture design, natural building and more.
April Vokey, Kirk Deeter, Tom Larimer, and Bridget Fabel discuss social media influencers and their role in fishing.
Al Perkinson opens up about leaving Costa Sunglasses, starting Bajio, and the impact of cause marketing.
April sits down with guide, Karen Brooks, to discuss fishing in Tasmania and getting a "late start".
April sits down with Christian Schauf to discuss the first 72 hours of a survival situation, Shark Tank and more.
April sits down with Brian O'Keefe to discuss a lifetime of fishing, adventuring and taking photos.