April Vokey

Johnnie shares how he landed in Montana, the ins and outs of fishing the Madison, streamer fishing, colour changes and more.
Conway shares his adventurous lifestyle, how he became known as THE fly fishing guide for mako sharks, why mako’s may just be the ultimate gamefish and more.
How Devin got into competitive fly fishing and how it works. We discuss nymph specifics, lach fishing, history, temperature gradients, and more.
Al and Gretchen share their personal story, Al’s time working for Whiting Farm, hairwing flies, and tips and tricks that will help all levels of fly tiers.
Karin Miller shares how Zen Tenkara was founded, how she handles innovation and criticism, angles while fighting fish, Tenkara’s history, and more.
In this episode of Anchored, April sits down with Zeb to learn more about his studies, his show, and his fascinating experiences with gigantic aquatic species.
In this episode of Anchored, we take an inside look at George’s personal life and learn more about how he came to be the seasoned professional he is today.
Ann shares how her experience in a tricky economy helped shape her career into what it is today. Join us as we dive into the nitty gritty of some of our favourite bugs and how they relate to us as anglers.
In this episode, Tayloe shares how his passion for fishing, paired with his profession, resulted a business unlike any other in the fly fishing industry.
In this episode of Anchored, Eric shares 20+ seasons of being a guide, nymphing vs. swinging, and Spey casting with balloons?
In this episode of Anchored, April sits down with Tommy Lynch to discuss the ins and outs of night-fishing, and to learn some other fun facts along the way.
In this episode we hear Enrico’s incredible story—from Ritz Carlton chef to one of the greatest innovators of our time.