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Across five seasons, the Anchored podcast has been a gathering place for guests and listeners to share their stories and experiences. Over the years, the show and its conversation has evolved into a union of like-minded people with a passion for history, story-telling and conservation. Often, when I pack up my microphone, I learn there’s much more about my guests than just the topics we’ve covered. It’s for this reason I’ve teamed up with past and future guests of the Anchored podcast to create Anchored Outdoors!

Here you will find exclusive Anchored video tutorials and articles, behind the scenes snippets and more. There’s a members-only section, which is regularly updated with advanced lessons, documentaries, unheard episodes and free product! From fishing, foraging, hunting and homesteading, Anchored Outdoors serves to be a one-stop shop for outdoor enthusiasts who want to hear more from the people they’ve come to know and trust.



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