Wilderness Survival: Water Filtration and Purity – Tom Brown III

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As anglers, hunters and passionate outdoors-people, there are times when we become lost or misplaced. Renowned survivalist and instructor, Tom Brown III, teaches how to navigate the first 72 hours of a wilderness survival situation. In this chapter, Tom takes a look at how to achieve water clarity in case of emergency.

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Tom covers:
– Pre-Trip Planning and Clothing
– Gear to Pack
– Gear To Pack In Your Vehicle
– S.P.E.A.R
– The Sacred Order: Shelter
– The Sacred Order: Shelter (Hypothermia)
– The Sacred Order: Water
– The Sacred Order: Fire
– Principles of Survival
– Mental State
– The Sacred Order Revisited
– Shelter
– Scarecrow
– How To Start Fire In Inclement Weather
– Water Purity
– Water Catch
– Finding Shelter
– Shelter Considerations
– Making A Bed
– Building A Roof
– Shelter: Finishing Touches
– Keeping Warm With Fire

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