Anchored Podcast Ep. 2: Peter Morse on Fishing in Australia

Peter Morse On Fishing In Australia
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Peter Morse is a well-known Australian fly fisherman and writer who has pursued fishing, not for the retirement plan but the lifestyle. After a successful television program in the ’90s, authoring three books, and traveling worldwide, Peter still keeps a full calendar and doesn’t plan to slow down. 

In this episode of Anchored, you will learn about Peter’s introduction to fly fishing after receiving a split cane rod that his Grandfather owned, April and Peter’s experiences with television, his thoughts on why fly fishing has been slow to gain popularity on the continent, and his views on shark conservation and fisheries management. You do not want to miss this episode!

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Length: 01:24:52

Outline of this Episode

  • [2:29]  Who is Peter Morse (in his own words)?
  • 6:21 His first saltwater fish on the fly
  • [7:33] His decision to get into the industry
  • [11:31] Why is fly fishing not as popular in Australia?
  • [22:36] Wildfish the television series
  • [36:42] Is it possible fish with the fly when rock fishing?
  • [45:53] An extraordinary encounter with a hammerhead shark
  • [48:05] Peter’s view on shark conservation
  • [54:08] Fishing the Great Barrier Reef with Nomad
  • [59:19] Peter’s family background and childhood
  • [1:17:50] Peter shares wisdom on the craft of writing

When Fly Fishing gained popularity but didn’t have enough ambassadors

Peter’s show Wildfish ran from 1995 to 2000. After the movie “A River Runs Through It”, there was massive interest in the sport of fly fishing. Retail began to stock the shelves, and people went to buy. However, due to a lack of people teaching the craft, and the discovery of soft-plastic baits, fly fishing seemed to have a short shelf life. 

Peter has since seen the resurgence of fly fishing on Australia’s coast with the younger generation.

The need for fishing advocacy in Australia

Because of a disconnect between people and nature, there is a misunderstanding of what fishing is. Some people have treated nature as a commodity to just take from, while others understand the vast resource should be sustainability shared. Conservation and care are essential to Peter because he loves to fish. At the heart of the issue, there seems to be a need for fisheries management and advocacy. A group of people who find their lives intertwined with the waters and the fish in them could bring clarity and wisdom for a way forward. 

Being in the zone while fly fishing

Peter loves to fish with friends, but those closest to him know that weddings and parties come second to fishing dates. Finding solitude in the chase is an essential part of the experience for Peter. Admittedly, he gets into guide mode when he is around others, so being on his own is also a way for him to keep his fly in the water.   

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