Anchored Podcast Ep. 225: Devin Olsen on Nymph Fishing, History, Temperature Gradients and More

Tactical Fly Fishing with Devin Olsen
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Anchored Podcast:

Devin Olsen has been a member of Fly Fishing Team USA since 2006, winning individual bronze and team silver in the 2015 World Fly Fishing Championships in Bosnia. Once a salmon and steelhead biologist in Joseph, Oregon, Devon is a wealth of knowledge. In this episode of Anchored we discuss how he got in to competitive fly fishing, how it’s structured, and how he used it to become the angler he is today. We discuss nymph specifics, lach fishing, history, temperature gradients, and more.

Speaking of nymphs, we’ve also recently added a 12-part series featuring Skip Morris to anchored Skip’s latest book, Top 12 Nymphs for Trout Streams, How, When, and Where to Fish Them, focuses on fly-fishing and tying flies, guides you through 12 great nymph-flies and how to catch trout on them in creeks, streams, and rivers. Accompanying a color photograph of each fly, Skip shares about each fly—what it imitates, what it’s designed to do, what it does do in the water—and then he tells you how to fish it effectively, when it fishes best, how deep in the water to fish it, and offers the different fishing methods that make it catch fish. He describes those methods plainly, so you can go right out and make them work. He even provides a section that helps you select the right fly for specific fishing conditions and choose the best method for presenting that fly to trout.

Here’s the purchase link:


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April Vokey is a fly fishing writer, FFF certified casting instructor, fly-tyer, speaker, writer/host of the original WFN series, Shorelines with April Vokey, and host of the popular fishing podcast, Anchored.  After ten years of guiding in British Columbia, she now splits her year between camp in northern BC and Australia.

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