Anchored Podcast Ep. 241: Mac Brown on Advanced Fly Casting, Trick Casts, Fly Fishing’s Evolution and More

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Mac Brown is the owner of Mac Brown Fly Fish and Fly Fishing Guide School in Western NC. Mac pioneered the first full-time fly fishing guide service in the region and was instrumental in establishing the Upper Nantahala River’s Delayed Harvest. As an educator, Mac served as an Associate Professor at Western Carolina University, shaping the next generation of anglers and fostering the area’s competitive fishing scene.

Author of “Casting Angles,” Mac is a Master Casting Instructor and a Southern Fly Fishing Hall of Famer. Recognized by FFI with prestigious awards, including the Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instructor Award and Lifetime Achievement Award, Mac’s contributions extend beyond teaching to product development and media presence. Active in fly fishing shows and youth coaching, Mac’s legacy is rooted in decades of dedication to the sport and its community.

In this episode of Anchored we discuss advanced fly casting, trick casts, fly fishing’s evolution and so much more.

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